– by Joseph Jammer Medina

Poor Henry Cavill. The dude took on quite the unenviable task of being one of only a handful of men portraying everyone’s favorite Man of Steel on the big screen. What’s more, he portrayed a version of the character that not everyone agreed with — a version that wasn’t quite sure about truth, justice, or the American way.

Man of Steel was kind of a rough way to start out the DC Extended Universe, and for many fans, there was no recovering from it. Now here we are, several films into this world, and we’re still not quite sure how it’s all going to shake out. Even worse, we’re getting rumors left and right about actors like Ben Affleck leaving his role, and more recently, rumors that Cavill himself will be leaving Superman behind.

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Not long ago, Aquaman actor Jason Momoa made some wishy-washy comments on whether or not such rumors were true, but speaking with E.T. more recently, he flat-out denied the idea of it.

“He’s absolutely not. He loves the character and he’s not. No, it’s absolutely not [going to happen]”

So there you have it. Momoa seems to be firmly in the camp of “Cavill ain’t going nowhere.” But is it true? As we mentioned in the past, actors are often the last ones to know about things, so is this the exception.

Based on everything we know, I wouldn’t be surprised if Cavill was interested in reprising his role as Superman, but that Warner Bros. simply has no current plans to bring him back. As of this writing, the only films being pushed forward — including Shazam!, Wonder Woman 1984, Birds of Prey, Batgirl, Suicide Squad 2, The Batman — don’t really include Superman. It may be less that neither party wants him to continue and more along the lines of “we won’t need you for a while, so don’t wait up.”

But what do you think of Momoa’s confidence? Let us know your thoughts down below!

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