– by Mark Cook

There seems to be an ongoing theme this season among Team Arrow: Civil War.  The team has already been split, and there looks to be more animosity this week.  Diggle and Oliver seem to be at odds (haven’t we been down this road already?). What will be the outcome?  Read on to find out.

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Anatoly The Pusher — Anatoly returns and is arrested by Dinah, a select trusted group of police officers, Green Arrow, and Diggle.  Through their discussion, Anatoly lets Oliver know that it isn’t just the police force, but many other prominent figures under Diaz’s control, including the DA.  We come to learn that Captain Hill and the DA have both been blackmailed by Diaz into working for him.

(Photo Courtesy of The CW.)

Civil War Part 2 — It’s kind of like how Inception was a dream within a dream.  Here we have already had a civil war between the old and new guard, now we have yet another civil war between Oliver and Diggle.  Diggle is mad Oliver won’t give him back the suit as he had originally promised.  Oliver did make a good point and asked why the suit itself seemed to be the issue as Diggle is still a part of the team as he always has been.  I am sure Diggle now feels betrayed by Oliver (theme of the season), but come on.  We have seen Oliver vs. Diggle in the past so why bring it back again? Even Diggle’s wife initially agrees with Oliver’s statements, and the wife is always right, right? (At least mine tells me that she is.) Eventhough Oliver confides in Diggle and the issues look to be water under the bridge, Diggle gets a bit too aggressive interrogating a Vertigo dealer, which adds more fuel to the fire.  Through talking to his wife, Diggle comes to the realization that he feels if he was still in charge then a majority of the loss they have endured this season would not have happened.  I wasn’t excited about Diggle and Oliver being mad at each other again, but damn, their confrontation in the headquarters was extremely well done.  Both made valid points that could hold validity, but then they got personal: Diggle blaming Oliver for the death of William’s mother, and Oliver then stating that at least he didn’t kill his own brother.  Ouch.  This was interesting because it used details from the past seasons to show just how far these two have come over the years, and how much they have changed.  Diggle and Oliver have been doing this since Season 1.  A lot has changed, and I hadn’t really put it all into perspective until this confrontation.  The insults eventually resulted in the fight in the picture above.  Some resolution seemed to come from the altercation, but I don’t think this is over.  Do you? That brief moment where it looked as if Diggle was going to shoot the Green Arrow was well done by the writers.  Even after all was said and done, Diggle still tells Oliver that even though he has become a better man, Oliver has become a worse leader and stands by his words.  With that, Diggle leaves Team Arrow 1.  So what now?  Will he join Team Arrow 2?  Will he go on his own?  ARGUS?

(Photo Courtesy of The CW.)

Diaz’s Plan — As I have said before, I do enjoy how Diaz knows Oliver is the Green Arrow, but doesn’t really care and his primary purpose is taking over the city.  The main drug he is pushing right now is Vertigo, which seems to be his use of Anatoly.  I know Anatoly blames Oliver for his removal from the Bratva, but why then does he comply to play a street level drug dealer for Diaz?  Diaz goes to check on Laurel, since he is always keeping tabs on those working for him.  Diaz has been an enjoyable, and different enemy.  His subtle inclusion with the original team of villains helped give emphasis to his eventual rise as the primary foe, and I am glad he doesn’t just want to destroy the city. If anyone wasn’t sure which side Laurel was leaning towards, it is definitely Diaz’s as she helped come up with the DA and police captain to work towards impeaching Oliver, which then ends with her kissing Diaz…

Next week Oliver looks to go on his own, and possibly without even Felicity.  From next week’s preview, was it me or did it look like he may don the original hood?  That could be awesome! What did you think of this week’s episode?  Are they beating a dead horse with some of the storylines, or is the civil war aspect keeping you interested?  Leave your thoughts in the usual place, and thanks for reading!

Arrow returns next Thursday at 9 p.m. on The CW.