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After five rollercoaster seasons, Arrow returns for its sixth this October. For many long-time fans, the Prometheus storyline saved the series and brought Green Arrow, played by actor Stephen Amell, back to his gritty, street-level, vigilante roots. Part of what made this recent storyline so compelling was that Green Arrow finally solidified himself as a leader and a true hero — he definitely earned his redemption… but (possibly) at a very high cost. The cliffhanger ending in the Season 5 finale suggested that some of the cast won’t be coming back, which is a shame since many of the minor players were finally starting to gel. On the upside, the recent Comic-Con preview trailer promises a doubling-down of Arrow‘s back-to-basics approach.

One major subplot in last season’s storyline was the abduction of Oliver Queen’s son William (Jack Moore). William was generally relegated to a plot device by Prometheus, who forced Queen into making several really terrible, and devastating, choices. In real life, Amell is a father himself, and based on his frequent Facebook posts, this is a lifetime role that he takes very seriously. In Arrow Season 6, it appears Amell gets to bring a little of his personal life experience into his professional superhero role.

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CinemaBlend spoke with Amell at Comic-Con and talked about Oliver’s newfound acceptance and investment in being a father to William:

“I mean, Oliver being a dad is my favorite part of Season 6 thus far, and it’s certainly what I’ve had to play the most. My first day back on Season 6 was four scenes with Jack [Moore], who plays William, and I was fucking nervous. I didn’t know. I had never done a scene with this kid, you know what I mean? A kid. He’s a young man. We had done one scene where I’m holding him close, and we had done one scene where he’s playing with action figures. We had four scenes. I was like… I didn’t know how it was gonna go! You know? And he was not only equal to the task, but excelled. I left that day feeling so bullish about Season 6, and everything that we have coming up.”

Any actor will tell you that working with kids and animals is tough; there are shooting restrictions, performance issues, and challenges creating believable chemistry. Amell clearly had some trepidations, but it sounds like he overcame them, and it’s adding some valuable depth to his character too.

Amell was obviously a little guarded about describing who lived and who died in the Season 5 finale. However, one key relationship for Queen was his on-again, off-again love affair with Felicity Smoak (Emily Bett Rickards). By the end of Season 6 it seemed like Queen and Smoak were trying to start over… but you know how these things tend to go, just when everything seems to be going right, it’s time for a whole lotta wrong. Amell explains:

“Assuming that she lived, they’re in a great spot. But William is a thing, not in a bad way. But if they’re going to be in a relationship, he’s not a baby. He’s in, like, sixth grade.”

Judging by the recent Season 6 preview trailer, there’s a pretty good chance she doesn’t.

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Arrow Season 6 debuts on The CW on October 12, 2017.

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SOURCE: CinemaBlend

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