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Happy Thanksgiving LRM readers!

Coming off of an extremely entertaining episode last week, will Arrow be able to follow suit this week? Slade has gone back into the shadows (pun intended) in order to search for Kane and the Jakals, which has made way for Cayden James and Black Siren.  Will they attack the internet…again?  Read on to find out.

Mayor Queen’s Arrest — We saw it coming.  The FBI comes to arrest Oliver at a Thanksgiving charity event.  I am not sure why the commanding officer came in yelling that Oliver has a bunch of felonies and pulling him away in handcuffs in front of his son.  It seemed a bit over dramatic, but like I said, we saw it coming. Oliver meets with William and assures him that he is no longer the Green Arrow.  William says it doesn’t matter if he is in jail anyways.  Oliver arrives to his hearing and is granted bail for five million dollars because he is the mayor and father of a minor.  He doesn’t have the money, but guess who does?  Felicity…She and Curtis’ business (which has been an actual thing for two weeks or so?) has apparently brought in over a million dollars.  She seems to run into many lucrative positions.  Not bad from the tech. desk job she had in Season 1.

Black Siren Is Back… — “You got us in here so quickly I didn’t get to kill anyone.”  Yikes. Black Siren is back trying to convince all of us that she is a badass.  I may be in the minority here, but I really don’t care for Black Siren.  She seems out of place, and her working with Cayden James is somewhat of a stretch.  Yes, he is the tech. and she is the “muscle”, but I feel like Black Siren usually rambles on with her tone of cockiness then uses her cry, the end. It appears as if James wants to make a bomb to blow up a stadium.  Ah, the old takeover / destroy the city idea seems to be the go to idea for the show.  Black Siren’s return also brings the return of Lance talking about his other-world doppelganger baby.  Lance has be given the shaft this season.  It’s as if they throw him in whenever Siren returns in order to give him some type of purpose.

Diggle’s New Drug — Curtis uses a lot of big words to tell Diggle that he came up with a possible solution for his tremors.  With Oliver dealing with his arrest, Diggle takes the team into the field to stop James and Black Siren.  Diggle looked to have some type of adverse effect to the drugs Curtis gave him combined with withdrawl from the previous drug he was taking.  Moral of the story?  Don’t do drugs, kids. Oliver ends up confronting Diggle once he found out about his drug dependency.  Some harsh words are shared ending with Oliver saying his worst decision was trusting Diggle to be the Green Arrow.  While at the hospital, Oliver goes to visit Thea.  Remember her?  Yes, she has been in this season.  She is part of the “fall out” from the island.  Arrow has a tendency to make characters go missing for extended periods of time only to briefly bring them back and then have them disappear again (Vigilante, Thea, etc.).  I really hope that isn’t the case with Slade and Kane.  That has been the most interesting story line this season and when they have such large gaps between character appearances, it makes their impact minimal because people have to remember the last time they were seen and try to fill in the blanks from the gap in time.  It turns out that the nerve damage has spread to Diggle’s back and could get worse if he goes back into the field, which prompts…


The Return Of The Green Arrow — Fans also knew this was coming, but this is a much welcomed return.  How this will affect William is still to be seen. As the team storms the Billy Joel concert, Green Arrow confront James and finds out there isn’t really a bomb, but he wanted to meet with the Green Arrow face-to-face.  James does in fact want to burn the city to the ground (shocking) because at some point Green Arrow killed (or was somehow responsible for) the death of James’ son. Black Siren then comes in, does her canary cry, then leaves (as I mentioned earlier…).  Even though there wasn’t a bomb, James did have security footage of the team beating up the fake cops, and made it go viral which only helps the anti-vigilante push.  This leads to the Anti-Vigilante Act passing which means yet another man-hunt for any vigilantes (yet another story line we have seen).  The return of the Green Arrow also brings lies to William and the return of Thea.  So, the only person from the team who died on the island was Samantha, and we still have no clue how everyone survived.  Why has that not been covered at all?  If Thea wasn’t in this episode, many may have forgotten the events at the end of last season even occurred because there hasn’t been a true follow-up.

The main theme this season is the father/son dynamic, which I think is a good/interesting way to go.  Oliver, Slade, and James are all connected in this way, but I can’t help but feel there are two completely different plots going on.  It’s as if each one could have it’s own show.  Will there be a connection between James and the Jakals?  It doesn’t seem like it so far, but one would think there would need to be in order to make this season more cohesive.  The Slade/Kane focus is more original where the James/Siren story is fairly redundant. What did you think of this week’s episode? Do you enjoy the James/Siren story line, or would you rather see Slade/Kane be the focus?  Leave your comments in the usual spot, and thanks for reading!

Arrow returns next Monday at 9 p.m. Eastern Time for the crossover event on The CW.

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