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The next X-Men film, Dark Phoenix, has wrapped production for a late 2018 release, and the rumors are already flying. What should fans expect, and more important: who lives and who dies? Fox is keeping the plot details a secret, naturally, but the guys at That Hashtag Show have at least one source who shares a pretty major secret.


The Dark Phoenix saga is one of the most revered and beloved stories in all of Marvel Comics. The extended storyline was written by legendary creator Chris Claremont — art by Dave Cockrum and John Byrne — and was published in 1980. The basic premise is that telepath Jean Gray is exposed to deadly radiation from a solar flare during a mission in space, which turns her into a being of pure energy who battles her former X-Men allies.

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We should remind everyone that the Dark Phoenix story was quasi-adapted in X-Men: The Last Stand (2006). Sorry to bring that up, for hardcore X-Fans that movie is still an open wound. Let’s all pretend that movie was just some drug-addled nightmare and forget about it. Cool?

According to the Hashtag guys, director Simon Kinberg plans to express the awesome power of the Dark Phoenix by killing off a major character from the current X-Men franchise — in a really gruesome manner. OK, we’ve seen that before, right? Let’s all hope that the execution (no pun intended) is better than what went down back in 2006.

The Hashtag source explains that Jean will not be able to handle her powers, and the result is that someone special buys it in an epic fashion. You can hear all of that in the video, but the video ends in a cliffhanger. Who’s it going to be and how will they handle it? That’s the question, and the Hashtag guys don’t possess that answer… yet.

We could speculate, of course, but we’d just be guessing. The Hashtag guys are even a little hesitant to share their feelings on the subject. However, this brings up two obvious questions: should they kill off a major character just to make a point? Will Dark Phoenix mark the end of this iteration of X-Men, given the devastating nature of this story’s resolution? Lots to ponder, and we’ll share more news when we hear it.

X-Men Dark Phoenix hits theaters on November 11, 2018.

Who do you think it getting the axe in X-Men Dark Phoenix? Let us know in the comments down below!

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SOURCE: That Hashtag Show

  • Victor Roa

    to be honest….. it doesn’t matter because their cast is so interchangeable it doesn’t matter who comes in or out. I’m pretty sure people forgot Kid Omega in X3 (not marvel) but in the comics he’s got Pheonix force powers

  • Aline

    Again? Sigh… Better let this one sink.

    The spin-offs are way more interesting anyway. Deadpool and Logan both good films. New Mutants seems very interesting. Even the Multiple Man film has more chances of being fun and that’s a crazy project.


    “Rumor Mill: Something Really Bad Happens In X-Men Dark Phoenix”
    I’ll take “Even worse sequel” for 200 Alex.

  • Kronx

    My money’s on Mystique.


      I hope so, in the comics she was never leader of the X-Men or Professor X’s step sister. Jennifer Lawrence made the character far more essential to the plot than it ever was. They should have just cast her as Cyclops to begin with.

  • Bruce Norris

    Probably Darwin from “X-MEN: FIRST CLASS”, …again.

    I know, I know. But, continuity has been messed up for a loonng time already ; )

  • Smerdyakov

    Anyone who read Dark Phoenix knows how it ends. She gets what’s coming to her.

  • jonathing

    who’s contract is up


      Michael Fassbender
      Jennifer Lawrence
      James McAvoy
      Nicholas Hoult

      I believe all four are done with their contractual obligation to the X-Men franchise. Really does suck that Wolverine won’t be in the Dark Phoenix saga. He had a crucial part in it.


    Please kill off the entire cast!!! We deserve a proper reboot after that disaster of a film “X-Men:Apocalypse”.


    The thing is, the main X-Men story no longer makes sense with it’s own self so it can’t even bleed over into New Mutants, Deadpool or the upcoming X-Force franchise. They shoul make this the last film in the last reboot series and focus more on making great standalone projects featuring X-Men characters.

    The best X-Men films we have thus far is a Romantic Comedy/Action-Adventure with Deadpool and a Western with LOGAN. Next year we’ll in store for a Horror film with the New Mutants and another RomCom/Action Adventure with Deadpool 2. This is a winning formula that i hope FOX learns from and understands that they havent been able to successfully pull off a great team film with the majority of the X-Men characters over the past 11 years since X3: The Last Stand left a bad taste in everyone’s mouth.

    • randomironicname

      Yeah, I can’t wait for this universe to be rebooted. X-Men was my favorite as a teenage collector but I find myself completely dis-interested in what they are doing now. Everything is off….JLaw has made Mystique the center of the universe and McAvoy walked for 2/3 movies and just finally shaved his head. I might Redbox the Dark Phoenix but that’s about all the effort I’ll give them anymore.

    • axebox

      Harsh. Days of Future Past was only 1 movie removed from recent X-Men films, and that was arguably the best one.

      • WTFITBS

        I guess, but d@mn, Wolverine and Mystique saved the day again in that one. Never mind that was the one tale in which Kitty Pryde was the central character and the future they lived in was a devastated New York City. If it were a direct adaptation from the comic story it would have been epic.

  • Weresmurf

    But… will the audience care?

  • Eric Anderson

    “The basic premise is that telepath Jean Gray is exposed to deadly radiation from a solar flare during a mission in space, which turns her into a being of pure energy who battles her former X-Men allies.”

    I know you are summarizing but, this isn’t really even close to how Jean Gray becomes the Phoenix. Because JG is a powerful psychic being, she had previously attracted the attention of the Phoenix force (which in and of itself is a psychic entity) as a child. As she was dying from radiation on the shuttle the Phoenix force offers her the choice to live if she will bond with it — which she does, becoming a host for the Phoenix force and assuming its power. I know, I know i’m being pedantic nerd comic book guy . . . .

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