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Arrow: Will Oliver Get A Welcome Return?

He’s back!  After finally being released from prison (which was a rather interesting, and well-done start to the season) Oliver returns back to the city.  How will his transition back be?  Will he encounter the other Green Arrow? Read on to find out!

The New Green Arrow Revealed — The episode starts with some pretty badass gymnastics (and an awesome protein shake) but what was even better is that a woman put on the Green Arrow suit right after hearing Oliver’s name!  This was a different reveal, but one I didn’t mind as I was expecting something of more grandeur.  This took me by surprise and I actually think it worked better.  So, the new Green Arrow is a woman.  But who is she?

Dante — In another subplot, the Longbow Hunters appear to be the connection with the elusive Dante.

Flash Forwards — Dinah, Zoe, and William continue their search for “Black Star” and they find her.  She is also a badass, who they found in a cage fight with a guy she clearly destroys.  Black Star worked with Felicity from time-to-time doing some illegal dealings, as a broker.  She tells the group that asking questions about Felicity will not end well.  What in the world did Felicity do?

The Mark of Four — Oliver created the pillars of heroism — courage, compassion, selflessness, and loyalty — which Team Arrow all embraced. Dinah speaks with William and tells him that he shares many of his father’s qualities.  Now they need to make their way into The Glades.  How will they do it?  Send Zoe in to speak with her dad, future Rene!

Back To Reality — On their anniversary (good timing to get out of prison) Oliver and the team appear at a Gala Fundraiser as the whole city now sees Oliver and also knows him as the Green Arrow. Oliver is definitely struggling with his transition, especially now that he doesn’t have to hide his double-life.

Just as Oliver begins his speech, the new Green Arrow attacks with Oliver awesomely catching an arrow!  Is this the showdown we have been waiting for?! This then urges the mayor to continue the focus on the Anti-Vigilante Order. The team actually urges Oliver to use his strengths to find out who the new vigilante is. This is a really interesting move. Last season they all hated him for being the Green Arrow, but now they realize his importance, maybe even more so than Oliver does.

Team Arrow — The team is back, and they are trying to find the motive of the Green Arrow attack.  The target was actually an individual who helped fund the restoration of The Glades, so why would the man be a target? Oliver, Rene, and Dinah go to meet with the new Green Arrow.  Why does she trust Rene?  Oliver chases her down as she tries to flee, but she escapes.

Oliver meets up with an old friend from high school, Max Fuller, who seems somewhat shady as he is hiding his true intentions.

More Green Arrows? — So the man who was the target (Ford) was killed at the same time Oliver, Rene, and Dinah were chasing the other Green Arrow, so that means…there are two other vigilantes out there.  As Oliver comes from meeting Max, he is attacked by one of the other archers.  Oliver apprehends the man, but Felicity pulls a gun on him and shoots him!  Oliver is rightfully taken by surprise.  This is not the Felicity he knows.  Is this the continuation of her downfall?

She used the gun that Anatoly gave her.  Felicity blames Oliver for turning out this way…(of course). This does create some interesting tension between the two.  This isn’t the person Oliver fell in love with.  Can they coexist?

Ford is the one who hired the hit on Ford at the gala as well as Oliver.  Dinah and Rene talk Oliver into donning the hood again.  I am still really pleased with how well the dynamics of the teamwork this season.  It is extremely natural and not forced.  They feel like they have a valid place in the plot.  The only part of the suit Oliver does not don is the mask, which he feels he no longer needs.

The Return — Finally!  Oliver returns as the Green Arrow to confront his old “friend” Max. Also a plus, the fight happens in a club rather than an abandoned warehouse! Oliver hasn’t lost his touch and even does a sweet behind-the-back no-look shot. Oliver doesn’t take the final shot on Max, but Dinah comes in to arrest him as the club records the action.  This is definitely different.  I do miss the elusiveness of Oliver hiding his identity, but I do respect what they are doing.  Can Oliver “work” with the police but in his own way, or will the mayor put a stop to it? How does Dinah get around the mayor’s issues with Oliver?  She hires him on at the police department.

The end of an episode gives two huge twists…Diaz isn’t dead!  Not only that, but Diggle and Lyla need his help. Wow.  Now Diggle has lied to Oliver.  This could have huge repercussions.  What do you think they need Diaz’s help with? Also, the last scene shows the female Green Arrow at the grave of her father…Robert Queen! Ok, so this is going to get even more interesting.  In the comics there was a woman by the name of Emiko Queen who was the daughter of Robert Queen and Shado! Will they follow this storyline? Could Robert have been to Lian Yu before and that was where The Queen’s Gambit was heading?  What will Oliver think if he finds out his father had a child with the woman he loved at one time?  Emiko looks to carry on her father’s legacy which is why she was marking in the book earlier this season.  It may be a long shot, but could this bring Slade back since he was connected to Shado? This will have huge implications for the second part of the season.

A lot unfolded in this episode, but it was once again extremely entertaining.  This will lead into the crossover event which looks to focus on the destruction of Earth-90, but we once again have more questions than answers. What did you think of this week’s episode?  Leave your thoughts in the usual place, and thanks for reading!

Arrow returns next Monday at 8 p.m. for Part 2 of the Elseworlds cross-over event on The CW!

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