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It ain’t easy being DC. Or, more specifically, it ain’t easy being the DC Extended Universe. Try as they might, they can’t seem to gain any real traction. The closest thing they got over the course of a handful of films was the critically-acclaimed Wonder Woman, which could have very well turned the tide if Justice League was a better movie. But, as history has proven, Justice League went on to be the franchise’s lowest-grossing film.

With that in mind, it’s very easy to poke fun at the work done by Warner Bros. CEO Kevin Tsujihara, who was one of the suits overseeing the world. But what does AT&T think? For those who don’t know, AT&T recently acquired Time Warner, and with it, Warner Bros. and the DCEU. So what do they have to say about these films, and could they intervene in this world to try and course correct? Here’s what AT&T CEO John Stankey has to say:

“First of all, I think the performance [of DC movies] over the past year and a half is trending the right direction in terms of the quality of the product and how the franchise is being managed. So hats off to Kevin [Tsujihara] and the team around getting the momentum headed the right direction. Obviously, there were some public things that have occurred over the last couple of weeks [Diane Nelson and Geoff Johns, who ran DC Entertainment, both stepped down] that would indicate that some additional change is underway. My involvement in that is to make sure I support Kevin in getting the absolute best talent possible and we’ll take that franchise to the next level. That’s his set of decisions to make and his direction to go in.

It’s my job to facilitate, to make sure he has the full support of the corporation and getting that done. And I believe, as you sit here today and we start to think about what the new value proposition is for a combined WarnerMedia and AT&T, we obviously want to go to creatives and talk about what we can do with our platforms now that are different than what a stand-alone Time Warner could do prior to the transaction. That’s a unique opportunity, and I want to make sure I can help Kevin sell that and get the right amount of talent in here to elevate the franchise to a new level.”

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Hm…very interesting. Stankey managed to say basically nothing over the course of two paragraphs. Sure, he praises Tsujihara and co., but he was incredibly non-specific about the praises, and vague as to any direction forward. Of course, given that DC Films is only one small subset of a small subset of a small subset of the newly-named WarnerMedia, we can’t exactly expect Stankey to know the complete ins and outs, but it’s still a bit disappointing.

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