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Apple TV+ Unveils Trailer For ‘Fraggle Rock: Back to the Rock

Apple TV+ is gearing up to transport viewers back to the whimsical world of Fraggle Rock with the release of the trailer for the highly anticipated second season of "Fraggle Rock: Back to the Rock."

Disney+ Unveils Two Films For Earth Day: Tiger And Tigers On The Rise

Disney+ is set for this upcoming Earth Day, April 22, 2024, with the release of two highly films that will educate and inspire viewers about the majestic world of tigers. The first film, "Tiger," marks

Doctor Who Season Premiere Date Announced On Disney+

Exciting news for the Whoniverse today as Disney Branded Television and BBC jointly unveil the premiere date for the forthcoming installment of "Doctor Who." In a groundbreaking move, this new season will mark the series'

Enchanting World Unveiled In TITAN MANGA’s Latest Release

In a blend of fantasy and adventure, TITAN MANGA proudly announces the upcoming release of "Somali and the Forest Spirit Vol. 01," a manga masterpiece by the talented creator Yako Gureishi. Scheduled to hit bookshelves,

Godzilla Minus One Triumphs At The 2024 Academy Awards

In a historic moment at the 2024 Academy Awards, Godzilla Minus One carved its name into the annals of cinematic history by clinching the prestigious award for Best Visual Effects. This victory not only marks

Marvel Comics Unveils Micronauts Variant Covers

Marvel Comics and Hasbro have united their creative forces this year to revive the beloved comic book adventures of the Micronauts, bringing them back to print in brand-new omnibus collections. The highly anticipated "MICRONAUTS: THE

Marvel Unleashes Vampiric Chaos in Upcoming Epic, BLOOD HUNT

BLOOD HUNT writer and event architect Jed MacKay, alongside Marvel Comics VP Executive Editor Tom Brevoort, recently unveiled the full scope of the eagerly anticipated saga. The duo teased its most significant mysteries, hyped up

X-MEN: Heir Of Apocalypse Unleashes Epic Showdown For The Next Mutant Leader

In a turn of events set to unfold this summer, the X-Men are gearing up for a monumental challenge in the upcoming four-issue limited series, X-MEN: HEIR OF APOCALYPSE. Crafted by the duo of writer

Prime Video’s Fallout Producer Discuss Origin Story At Global Trailer Launch

Prime Video's Fallout series took center stage as the global trailer launch event unfolded. Kara Warner, the event's moderator, set the tone for the excitement that followed, emphasizing the high-stakes action and intimate character drama

Fallout Series Trailer Has The Same Feel As The Video Games

In a world left desolate by nuclear devastation, the Fallout series is set to captivate audiences with its tale of survival, intrigue, and the clash between the privileged and the desperate. Freshly unveiled, the second