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The State Of Star Wars At The End Of 2023 (Spoiler, It’s Messy) | TC

The State Of Star Wars At The End Of 2023 (Spoiler, It's Messy) | TC Today, Kyle, Cam, and Mike discuss the current state of Star Wars, Dave Filoni's new job, and the Rey movie...

Star Wars Rey Sequel Will Not Film In April 24′ As Recent Rumors Claimed | Barside Buzz

Despite some recent Barside Buzz saying otherwise, the Star Wars Rey sequel will not film in April 24' after all. The original source for this April buzz came from the Production List outlet. Just have

Star Wars Rey Sequel Cast Already Signed? | Barside Buzz

Bit of a strange piece of Barside Buzz today, namely a sort of claim that the Star Wars Rey sequel movie cast may already be signed. To start with we should look at some of

Disney+ 2024 Lineup Confirmed – Three Marvel Shows And Two Star Wars shows

Today we have the Disney+ 2024 lineup confirmed and there's only three Marvel shows and two Star Wars shows coming next year. A press release for Disney+ UK has been issued showcasing the 2024 offerings.

Bob Iger Says Disney Needs To Entertain And Not Message Audiences – Too Many Sequels

Disney CEO Bob Iger says they need to remember to entertain people and not message at them, plus they've made too many sequels. The comments come again from Iger's recent appearance at The New York

Skeleton Crew To Release Holiday Season 2024 Now | Barside Buzz

According to the latest Star Wars Barside Buzz, Skeleton Crew won't release till holiday season 2024. We actually at one point expected this Disney+ show to release by this years holiday season, or at the

Dave Filoni Hints At Future Conflicts In His Movie Or Ahsoka Season 2

In a recent interview Dave Filoni offers some hints at the future conflicts he's setting up for his movie or perhaps even Ahsoka Season 2. So far Ahsoka Season 2 isn't a thing, officially. Though,

Dave Filoni Comments On Possibility Of Recasting Baylan Skoll After Tragic Passing

Lucasfilm chief creative officer Dave Filoni comments on the possibility of recasting Baylan Skoll due to the tragic passing of actor Ray Stevenson for the first time. Skoll was one of the main villains in

Daisy Ridley Says Her New Star Wars Movie “Not What She Expected”

In  a recent interview Daisy Ridley says her new Star Wars movie is "not what she expected!" Speaking with Collider recently Ridley briefly discussed her upcoming Star Wars sequel directed by Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy. We

Dave Filoni Promoted To Chief Creative Officer At Lucasfilm

Some big Star Wars news as Dave Filoni has been promoted to chief creative officer at Lucasfilm. Not just a change of title for Filoni, as he will now be involved in all creative projects