– by Campbell Clark

The mystery of the real title of Avengers 4 has dragged on too long for me. I understand they never wanted to drop any hints about Avengers: Infinity War, but that movie has been out since May and has already made over $2 billion in the box office.

It has got to the point know where so many people have guessed at possible titles, that someone is bound to have gotten close or on the mark. It’s also a fact that no matter what the title actually is, it’ll never live up to the hype it has generated.

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Well, we have a possible leaked title now to contend with. Avengers 4 cinematographer Trent Opalach, who previously worked with the Russos on Infinity War, Civil War, and The Winter Soldier has listed his resume on his website. You can have a look, but since the story broke it has been changed back to Avengers 4.

However, when Omega Underground first posted the story, Avengers 4 was listed as Avengers: End Game. Now it’s possible Opalach was mistaken, or he was messing around with fans given End Game was a popular fan theory? The most likely scenario given the fact it has now been changed is that Opalach has unwittingly shared the title of Avengers 4.

Of course, the end game is exactly what Doctor Strange said at the end of Infinity War, “We’re in the end game now.” It’s no wonder fans have predicted it as a title and so far, reactions from fans has it pegged as one of the most popular fan titles. it would not surprise me at all to find out very soon that Avengers 4 is indeed titled Avengers: End Game.

Just announce it Marvel, its dragging on too long. What do you think of Avengers: End Game as a possible title? Sound off in the comments section below.

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SOURCE: TRENT OPALOCH (via Omega Underground)