– by Seth McDonald

Well, this is a good sign that Hawkeye should be back to his old arrow shooting self in Avengers 4. Actor Jeremy Renner has shared via his Instagram account a photo from the set of the film. The photo, which you can see below shows Renner as his Hawkeye character, looking both a bit dirty and roughed up.

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Hawkeye was absent from Avengers: Infinity War,  as such, the team we know and love was incomplete, still highly functioning but incomplete. The filmmakers claim they have a good story for the character and that him being on house arrest is a all part of it. While Hawkeye is a powerless superhero, he is a part of the team that has saved the word twice, and was an integral part of the team. Surely the Russo brothers along with writers Christopher Markus  and Stephen McFeely have something great planned for the character.

As for the film itself, Infinity War was just way better than it had any business being, and if they can somehow top that with Avengers 4, well, the minds of nerds everywhere will explode all over those theater seats, albeit, much to their delight.

The inevitable unsnap is fast approaching, are you ready? Let us know in the comments down below!

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Source: Jeremy Renner