– by Campbell Clark

With Avengers: Infinity War currently relentlessly dominating the worldwide box office, fans are already looking to Avengers 4 and what they think might happen within the conclusion of this story. Here at LRM we have our own predictions and guesses as to some of the events in Avengers 4. Of course we are not the only ones coming up with predictions for the fourth Avengers movie, so we’d love to hear what you readers think as well.

I think rather than predict everything that will happen in Avengers 4, it is better to take one or two things at a time to allow some more specific and focussed discussion in the comments.

It goes without saying that to predict Avengers 4, we must discuss spoilers for Avengers: Infinity War, with that said.

***Major SPOILERS ahead for Avengers: Infinity War***






One of the biggest things to happen in Marvel’s latest blockbuster was the many, many character deaths which occurred throughout the story. Most especially at the climax when Thanos achieved his goal and casually snaps his fingers to wipe out half the life in the universe, including roughly half of our heroes.

For me, I think there is only one possibly controversial death or potential resurrection to discuss in Avengers 4. It seems pretty obvious to most fans that all the heroes who died after Thanos snapped his fingers are all coming back. There were quite a few heroes that perished this way of course, far too many to list here and it has left us with the original Avengers team, plus Rocket and Nebula going into Avengers 4, though Tony Stark and Nebula are currently on Titan, with the rest being on Earth.

As Jammer reported in the story HERE, the Avengers: Infinity War writers are adamant that the deaths that occurred in Infinity War are indeed real deaths, and they also say that Avengers 4 will not go the way we think.

Well, let’s just be real a here. We know Spider-Man and many others all have parts to play in the future, so it makes sense that somehow the Avengers will reverse what Thanos did in Avengers 4. We also know that the Guardians of the Galaxy, of which currently only Rocket remains, will be shooting Guardians of The Galaxy Vol. 3 next year. We will be getting a new addition to the Avengers team as well in Avengers 4 with the stinger of Infinity War confirming Captain Marvel is on her way, how this will play out exactly may depend on what we see from the Captain Marvel solo film due to be the lead into Avengers 4.

Since they have decided not to use Adam Warlock yet in these movies (not until Guardians 3, at least), my money is on Captain Marvel being the only hero who will be powerful enough to wield the Infinity Gauntlet and reverse the changes Thanos made. Unless Thanos fixes things himself and realizes he made a mistake, (more on that further down).

Now, I’m not exactly alone in predicting a less than permanent death for many of our vanishing heroes. If anything it seems fairly obvious this is where they SEEM to be going. However, most fans are also predicting that anyone who was killed before Thanos snapped his fingers will be really dead, as in never coming back, deceased, bought the farm, kicked the bucket etc. I’m not so sure myself when it comes to Gamora. Personally, I think both Loki and Heimdall are dead and will remain so, but I have a funny feeling when GOTGv3 comes out, you will be seeing Gamora take her place again with the rest of the gang.

Remember that, unlike the Asgardians, Gamora was killed by Thanos specifically to retrieve the Soul Stone to the cost of some personal anguish. Somehow or someway that seems to have preserved her soul within that Soul Stone (Seems like it was really Gamora talking to Thanos at the end).  Something tells me that soul will torment Thanos in Avengers 4 and although I’m not sure how, Gamora will return to the land of the living. There’s a part of me that imagines Thanos doing the deed himself, perhaps even sacrificing his own soul to save Gamora’s in the end, but I’m not sure yet what could get us to that point where this makes emotional sense? I still feel there is possibly a path for some kind of redemption arc left in Thanos, but hey, maybe I’m dead wrong. It would certainly give us a different take on the expected angle of good guys fight back and this time they kill Thanos and win the day.

So will Gamora and every other hero who vanished make a return by the end of Avengers 4? Leaving the only permanent deaths from Infinity War as Loki, Heimdall and possibly Vision…nah, more on Vision below. However, I am also fairly confident that one or more of the original Avengers is going to have to perish in Avengers 4, some sort of sacrifice which is required to allow the heroes to bring everyone else back again.

One question I don’t think we can answer yet is the fate of Vision, whilst there were hints that Vision might be able to survive without the Mind Stone, clearly, Thanos ripped that right out his head and he looks pretty dead to me. It may depend exactly on what is done to fix what Thanos did. Will the result leave Vision dead or alive? That remains to be seen.

For me, there are three possible resurrection angles for Vision. One, the damage done to him is repairable as per the conversations they had prior to Thanos final attack. Two, after Thanos is defeated they place the Mind Stone back into Vision and he recovers. Three, whatever the heroes do to fix the universe somehow reverses what Thanos did to him. Conclusion, there’s a good chance he will be able to come back.

To conclude all this speculation.

You thought Infinity War had all the deaths, but I think the deaths if any in Avengers 4 will be both permanent and even more emotionally tragic than what we just got if that’s possible. The reason being that whoever does die in Avengers 4, won’t be coming back!

Think of Doctor Strange and his reaction after he found out there was only one possible way to win against Thanos. I have a funny feeling Strange knows that by seemingly saving Tony Stark in Infinity War, he in actual fact signed his death warrant. I just see a lot more in Cumberbatch’s face when he says to Tony “This was the only way”. Maybe I’m reading more into that than I should?

So my prediction is that Gamora, Vision and all the characters killed by the snap will all be returned at the expense of Tony Stark or perhaps both Tony and Steve Rodgers. (Contracts are up, after all)

Whether you agree or disagree, let me know in the comments below. Stay tuned to LRM for more Avengers 4 predictions.

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