– by Campbell Clark

At this point we can start counting number of days until Avengers: Endgame sends us all into a spin, instead of the months. And, of course, as with any massive blockbuster Marvel movie, the merchandising is going to hit hard and fast. Despite the directors’ desire for secrecy, there are going some things that eagle-eyed fans will spot.

Much of our speculative guessing for Endgame so far has revolved around time-travel theories and the Quantum Realm’s part in that. These guesses have been happening since some set footage was leaked well over a year ago which appeared to show the current Avengers with the Captain America from the first Avengers movie, full slightly cheesy suit and all.

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But since then we have seen the trailer and the other promotional materials showing us Captain America as he was after Infinity War and suited up for the speculative time-travel like the rest of the Avengers. However, a new leaked toy has made me think twice about what we know.

New figure of Cap in his Quantum Suit. He’s wearing the 2012-era helmet. from r/MarvelStudiosSpoilers

The image shows Captain America wearing the suit we are dubbing the Quantum Realm suit and yet the head/helmet is of the 2012 Avengers version of Captain America. Cap hasn’t been near that helmet since that movie and it makes me wonder why he would suddenly start wearing it. You can also see quite clearly that Cap is wearing the same helmet, but not the Quantum Realm suit in the screen shot above from the latest trailer, curious?

Then I thought, what if that is the 2012 version of Cap, what if the current version dies and they have to get the guy from 2012 to help them stop Thanos? It’s a reach, and we cannot rule out the possibility that someone has stuck an old Cap toy figure’s head onto a body from Endgame‘s range. another thing to remember is that toy images can be misleading and it’s not uncommon to have toys made for a film that simply don’t feature in it.

But I do find it an interesting bit of speculation given the things we already know. Just remember if this happens in Endgame I predicted it, and if it doesn’t? Well, you can’t prove anything, I was never here.

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SOURCE: Pluralizes (via Reddit)