– by Stephon White

It’s week ten of following the sometimes phenomenal audio production by Serial Box, Ninth Step Station. If you haven’t heard of Serial Box, try checking out some of the various titles they have available. It’s head and shoulders above many of senior app, Audible’s content for certain. Though I subscribe to Audible, I often find myself returning books due to lackluster narration. Never have I listened to Ninth Step Station, and thought “boy I should chuck this out the window.” So, there’s good audio content here that is thoughtfully brought to life with impeccable narration from Emily Woo Zeller, and a s*** ton of sound effects.

In the tenth episode, we revisit the detective duo comprised of Emma Higashi and Miyako Koreda as they resume to sweep up the pieces of crime scenes while the city literally falls apart around them. It’s been a hell of a ride, filled with bumps, cheers, jeers, and eye rolls. Overall, it’s been a nice journey getting to episode ten. This week’s episode is titled “The Foreign Mischief”.

I stated last week that Ninth Step Station was quickening its pace as it barrels towards episode ten. Episodes 8 and 9 really shook the series up. Episode ten arrives like a freight train. It’s fast-moving, heavy on details, and a genuine blast. Things were moving so fast, in fact I had to rewind and reread sections. There’s just so much going on as all the pieces fall into place throughout this final episode.

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Episode 10 starts out picking up on events from Episode 9. The city is erupting into chaos. Sides have been blurred. The writers this time out do a damn respectable job of weaving together the smaller threads into a cohesive adventure that pushes our heroes through the familiar investigative steps Ninth Step Station has become accustomed to. We get an inventive gun battle using night vision.

The final episode of Ninth Step Station doesn’t disappoint. However, the fast-paced narrative may be better enjoyed via audio as opposed to reading it. The sound effects really add a few bells and whistles to the story. The writers have opted to leave the story on a massive cliffhanger. It’s not necessarily what I thought the episode would do, since I was expecting further resolution to last week’s episode.

Regardless when Season 2 comes along, it will be interesting to see how the city pulls itself back from the brink of imploding. The episode takes the best parts of the previous episodes and meshes them together. In one episode we have gunfights, political infighting, bureaucratic nightmares, shady covert ops, and shifting allegiances. The stage has been set for another season that I am very much looking forward to.

Grade: B-
+ Likeable main characters
+ Narration by Emily Woo Zeller
+ Law enforcement bureaucracy
+ Strong narrative
+ Tech aspects
-Unresolved threads

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