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So you know how it goes when a massive new trailer comes out, we break it down and look for all the little clues we can spot. We also usually miss a ton of stuff which you readers pick up later on and share with us. Well, it just so happens that an unexpected new trailer for the summer’s biggest movie Avengers: Endgame has just dropped, so here we go again.

I’ll start by saying there is not a whole lot here I would consider SPOILERS, but some of the guesses and logic jumps I’ll make might be, I’ll also reference any rumors or leaked art we may have seen so be warned of potential Avengers: Endgame SPOILERS.



First of all there wasn’t a great deal more shown here, than we got in the original trailer for Endgame a short while ago. But, some of the new details do provide some key insight into the speculation of what Endgame will feature.


We see a lovely scene of Hawkeye teaching his daughter how to shoot a bow, pure joy on his face, only to cut to him in a dark place in his Ronin set up. I think it would not take a genius to deduce that this scene will be a flashback showing the moment when Hawkeye lost his family. Thus setting him upon the darker path he seems to be on.

Saved by Black Widow?

This is clearly Widow finding and attempting to bring back Hawkeye into the fold, but I’ll guess the man’s mind is pretty badly damaged right now. It’ll be interesting to see an unhinged and quick to anger Hawkeye in this movie.

Ant-Man: Back To the Future>>>>>>

Here we see Scott Lang AKA Ant-Man appearing out of a house and being a bit overwhelmed and looking at all the missing posters on a lamp post. I’m going to guess this is Lang coming back a year or more after he first got trapped in the Quantum Realm and it is now the future and Lang is seeing the after-effects of the snap for the first time. When he then arrives at the Avengers HQ, he is going to the one that changes the Endgame.

Hawkeye Back in Action

There are a few shots showing Hawkeye fighting in a very enclosed space, I kinda want to say it looks like submarine or something, but how knows? This could be later in the movie after Widow has got Hawkeye back, as he is wearing his classic Hawkeye duds from previous movies, but it can also be an opening action scene as well…hard to say.

Rocket and War Machine Combo

Here we can see Rocket getting a ride on top of War Machine as they fight some unknown enemy. I’m betting this is from earlier in the movie as well and I’ll explain why later.

Cap’s Last Stand?

I don’t know about anyone else, but looking at the pain and anguish on Cap’s face here it feels like this could be small tease of the last stand of Captain America. Of course, we have no idea whether Cap will meet his end in this movie, but it’s a popular theory amongst fans and one I personally prescribe to. Could this be the moment itself?

Ant-Man Action Scene

It’s really hard to work out what is actually going on here because of the small scale of the shots as it focusses on the minute Ant-Man. The only thing I could really make out was some fire and Ant-Man running across a pencil. However, I am keen to see if any of you readers can work out anything else from this scene?

The Money Shot

We finally have official confirmation of the Quantum Realm suits we have all been seeing in leaked artwork for some time. I say Quantum Realm suits, but really that’s just a theory though I think a logical one. We also get to see that Tony Stark most definitely does make it back to Earth in one piece as does Nebula, his companion on that derelict ship. Both are here suited and booted and ready for the real Endgame. It’s also worth noting that again Tony seems to be using Nanotech Iron Man suit whereas Rhodey is wearing an older full body model. We do not see Captain Marvel anywhere in this shot I could see, but perhaps that was just edited that way as a set up for the finale of the trailer, which does reveal Captain Marvel.

Cap Marvel and Thor – Super Team

Yes, we all know if we have seen Captain Marvel that Carol Danvers shows up what must be soon after Thanos Decimation event. So Danvers is present and correct from early in this movie. Before Tony Stark gets back home and certainly before Scott Lang appears.

Widow’s Hair Proves Time Skip

In that previous shot introducing Captain Marvel to Thor we can see Black Widow has her white/grey hair. But in this shot above we can see the tips of her hair are still grey, but the rest is back to her natural red. This is a good indication that quite a lot of time passes between Captain Marvel showing up and the team setting off in their Quantum Realm suits.

I’ll go ahead and predict that Danvers leads the remaining Avengers on some kind of revenge mission against Thanos. I don’t know how successful this could ever be, but ultimately it would do nothing to fix what has happened. They then go back to moping around about how rough everything is until Scott Lang shows up. After that, they develop the plan to go back in time and stop the Decimation from ever happening. How much of the movie this mission will take up and what scenes fall into what acts I cannot say for certain. But this is my theory for the basicplotlinee of Avengers: Endgame

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What did you think of the new Avengers: Endgame trailer, what do you think of our theories and do you have any of your own? Share what you have in the usual place below.

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