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This was bound to happen, right? You can’t merge two entertainment giants without there being some casualties along the way. Given how large each company was, there was bound to be plenty of redundant and unessential positions that would need to be trimmed in order to make Disney’s investment profitable in the long run. The question, however, has always been how extensive these layoffs would be.

In a new piece analyzing the merger between Time Warner and AT&T, THR dropped a random estimation regarding Disney and Fox. According to them, Disney is expected to cut roughly 7,500 jobs once it closes its merger with 21st Century Fox. That isn’t an insignificant number of people, and it’s a number that’s sure to reverberate throughout the entertainment industry, but it is a bit lower than expectations before, which had it pegged closer to 10,000 jobs.

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With the Walt Disney Company’s current employee figure numbering just north of 200,000 and Fox’s north of 20,000, it may seem like a relatively small drop in the bucket. That being said, that is roughly less than half of Fox’s current employee count, so that could still be seen as very significant (and let’s face it, there’s a good chance a lot of those cuts will come from Fox). It’s also worth adding an asterisk to the Fox figures though. For one thing, this includes all Fox businesses, including those that will ultimately not be acquired by Disney. Additionally, I couldn’t a source outside of Wikipedia (an admittedly weak-ass source that should be taken with a grain of salt without any real data to back it up) to corroborate that figure…so it’s all guesswork.

Regardless, experts are pointing to a lot of jobs being cut, which is a shame.

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SOURCE: THR, Seeking Alpha, Wikipedia

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