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Last week, audiences got a hefty dose of Avengers: Infinity War when Marvel released a full-length trailer for the film. It ran over two minutes in length, and it was chock-full of action goodness. But action wasn’t the only thing it had. Perhaps most importantly, it had some potential character backstory for the film’s big bad Thanos. Since he is set to be the prime focus of the movie, it’s crucial to get just the slightest flavor of what he’s trying to accomplish and why, and based on what we saw, we may be getting that.

As we already knew from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 1 and 2, he is the adopted father of Gamora and Nebula. He pretty much pitted these two against each other their whole lives and stripped away the humanity from Nebula in the process. In the trailer, we see him with a young Gamora, and in a particularly touching shot, we see her tiny hand juxtaposed against his giant one.

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Given the imagery, many fans were quick to point out the similarities to the 2017 film, Logan. As we reported on earlier, a fan was quick to create a poster modeled after the iconic Logan poster — except with Gamora and Thanos’ hands replacing Laura and Logan’s hands.

Well, one other fan took the whole idea another step further. They took footage from the Infinity War trailers and clips from other MCU films and set it all to the same audio as the Logan trailer, which featured the vocal stylings of Johnny Cash. The result isn’t perfect, but at the right moments, it does accomplish what I think the editor was trying to do.

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