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While Joe and Anthony Russo were the proverbial spearhead of the project known as Avengers: Infinity War, there is no denying that this was a team effort where everyone involved had to bring their A-game. One key way to ensure a solid project of this magnitude is mastering the fine art of delegation. The Russos are apparently the kings of that, and as a result, we get a film that fires on all cylinders.

However, it sounds like the Russos aren’t just good at delegating to their crew, but they also know when to reach outside of their crew for help. It’s already been reported that James Gunn helped out with the Guardians dialogue, but in an extensive Vulture piece, writers Chris Markus and Stephen McFeely got specific about the influence he head.

Markus: We wrote many drafts, and then he read the scenes with the Guardians in them and made suggestions. He came up with at least one hysterical riff that’s in there whole cloth, and their opening song came from him, too.

McFeely: There was a choice we had Star-Lord make in the movie that Gunn was adamant he wouldn’t make, and Pratt agreed with him. And so we said, ‘If you guys feel that strongly about it, we’ll do it your way.’ It didn’t alter too much of what we were trying to do, but it was a good example of how that kind of caretaking was a bonus to us.

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The Guardians aren’t the only ones who were influenced by their director. Taika Waititi and the new tone for Thor: Ragnarok was another thing that caused shifts in the story and character of Thor in Avengers: Infinity War. Originally, Thor was meant to be the straight man to the rest of the Guardians, but actor Chris Hemsworth be sure to made his concerns known when he first read his part.

McFeely: We changed a few scenes early on because Hemsworth had just done Thor: Ragnarok and was concerned. He was like, ‘Listen, guys, I’ve been in Australia and we’re doing crazy stuff!’

In order to accommodate these changes to the character, Waititi was flown out to Los Angeles so that the writers could pick at his brain for two days. Marvel spares no expense for continuity!

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SOURCE: Vulture

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