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Thanos used a mere snap of his fingers to remove half of all life from the universe. What becomes of the being the wields that much power? It appears as not even Thanos can perform such an act without suffering some sort of side effect from it. Christopher Markus, who co-wrote Avengers: Infinity War, recently spoke with Collider, and said that Thanos did cause himself injury when he performed the now infamous snap.

“That’s an immense amount of energy. There’s a reason why other people haven’t done this. Because I think it’ll kill you. So the strongest guy in the universe has to be the one to do it. And I don’t think he’ll be doing much with that arm.”

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So Thanos living through performing an act that would kill most shows just how powerful the Mad Titan is. We all seen what happened to the infinity gauntlet after the snap, and I think most of us figured it was damaged beyond repair, little did we know Thanos may have lost the use of his arm in the process. This will certainly tip the odds in the favor of our heroes, exactly how much it will limit Thanos remains to be seen.

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Source: Collider (via CBR)