– by Joseph Jammer Medina

I’m not breaking any new ground by saying that Avengers: Infinity War was a jam-packed movie. The movie has more characters in it than any other superhero film before it, making it that much harder for the filmmakers to juggle the numerous plotlines…but they still managed to weave compelling, epic narrative incredibly seamlessly, and a lot of that has to do with their understanding of each superhero, where they’re coming from, and their role and motivation in the film.

In a new video from Wired, the Russo Brothers, who directed the film, walk us through each and every superhero in the movie, giving us their backstory, their own perspective on the character, their motivations in the movie, and a few extra tidbits along the way.

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More than ever before, this 20-minute video (yeah, that’s right. 20 minutes) really drives home just how much the brothers intrinsically understand all of these heroes. It also goes to show how great their knowledge is of storytelling. It would have been easy to make a film where stuff just happens, but in Avengers: Infinity War, they make sure that each event is grounded in some character’s motivation, which helps give the film added weight and credibility.

It’s also thanks to this video that I realize just how important everyone is in this movie. No one is here just to be there, and as a result, it never distracted me from the underlying narrative that drove everything forward. Everything had a purpose, and it all stems back to how much the filmmakers know these characters.

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