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Disclaimer: This post contains spoilers for Avengers: Infinity War.

Avengers: Infinity War brought a lot of surprises to audiences over the past couple weeks. It was an event film that built on the past 18 films incredibly well, and finally realized the character of Thanos as a somewhat sympathetic, albeit psychopathic, villain of the MCU. The film saw Earth’s mightiest heroes, along with the Guardians of the Galaxy, do their best to take out the Mad Titan.

If you’ve seen the film, you already know that they weren’t quite able to succeed. On two occasions, they nearly succeeded — first when Spider-Man and Iron Man nearly removed his gauntlet, and second when Thor threw Stormbreaker into Thanos’ chest.

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According to co-director Joe Russo, that was an intentional move on Thor’s part, and is responsible for the death of half of the universe.

“I would argue that the fan base could be equally upset with Thor, who chose to throw that ax into Thanos chest and not his head. Because he wanted to tell Thanos that he got his revenge.”

“Had he gone for a kill shot, that snap would not have happened. These are choices that characters who are feeling immense pain make and hopefully, the audience can learn to empathize with those characters because they can grow through stories,” Joe Russo went on. “Stories can teach us things and that we should try to see every choice from the perspective of the character that made the choice.”

So there you have it. While plenty of fans are understandably upset by the role Star-Lord played in this whole deal, it looks like Thor and his desire to get revenge also played a heavy role.

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SOURCE: ComicBook.com

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