– by Campbell Clark

At this point, if you have not seen Avengers: infinity War, where have you been and why are you reading this? The time for spoiler tags is surely past us, but just in case, back up now if for some strange reason you have not watched this epic movie.

One of the highlights of Avengers: Infinity War was the quest to craft Stormbreaker that Thor, Rocket and Groot went on. Even better, was seeing Thor wield his new weapon in the battle of Wakanda, Stormbreaker is pretty bad ass.

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In a detailed and lengthy interview with Collider, Infinity War writers Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely were asked just how more powerful than Mjolnir, Stormbreaker is?

“Well it can summon the Bifrost, which is convenient. and it’s got the hammer and the axe end, so instead of just hammering, you can chop things. So it’s great in the kitchen you know, carrots, cucumbers, but also, potatoes. We had long conversations about……but, you know when your questions starts with how this factors into the next movie, then that’s where I’m gonna have to go [shrugs].”

Hmm, shall we say evasive? However, they were also asked how Stormbreaker was able to slice through a fully powered Infinity Gauntlet?

“Well…It slices through the power of the Infinity Gauntlet, I imagine it might have something to do with the same guy making both of them. But yeah, it’s Dwarven magic. Eitri can make what he likes for who he likes, you know, why is there a 3 by 3 hole in the Death Star? [laughter]. No I’m just saying eventually they find out Mads Mikkelson designed a little flaw in, you know? Wait 20 years for the Eitri movie where he secretly plants a flaw in the glove.”

It definitely sounds like Markus and McFeely are not keen to delve too far into discussions about Stormbreaker, or it’s connection to the Infinity Gauntlet. Interesting to speculate how this could factor into Avengers 4?

Share your speculative thoughts below in the comments section. Is Stormbreaker even more important to the plot of Avengers 4?

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SOURCE: Collider