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If you haven’t checked out Batman: Hush yet, then you definitely need to do so ASAP.  If you are a fan of the comic series by the same name, you will not be disappointed! Jason O’Mara has been the voice actor for Batman since 2014, and ComicBookMovie was able to sit down with the star in which they discussed what it feels like to play the character and also join the ranks of the other prestigious individuals to don to cowl.  In his response, O’Mara spoke to fans about giving new Batman actor, Robert Pattinson, a chance:

“I’ve never really looked at it like that to be honest. I’ve just taken it one movie at a time and it’s one potato, two potato and now there now a canon of work seven or eight years later. I’ll tell you what, though, it’s an absolute honour and privilege to be asked back every time I do get asked. I don’t know if it puts me in any sort of pantheon and I don’t really look at it that way.”

“I think what’s key in all of this for any actor playing Batman, including this new fella Robert Pattinson who’s got his work cut out, and by the way, I think everyone should give the kid a chance, but at the same time I think what’s really important is that we’re all just there to serve this character. Batman was around long before I was born and he’ll be around long after I’m gone.”

“You wear the Bat symbol for a short amount of time and all you can really hope to do is leave it in a slightly better place than where you found it and that’s it. You move on and so any opportunity you get, you just do the best work that you can and it’s up for others to decide whether it’s any good or not.”

Great response, if you ask me.  Each actor is there to serve the character as accurately as they can (or as accurately as the writing allows them…). Whether you like Pattinson in the role or not, O’Mara has an extremely valid point.  I know most are saying, “He’s the guy from Twilight…”, which is true, but remember, Michael Keaton was the guy from Mr. Mom and Beetlejuice (which I love) and Heath Ledger was the guy from 10 Things I Hate About You and A Knight’s Tale.  Even when Affleck was cast he took some heat, but I thought he did a good job playing an older version of the character.

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Yes, our expectations are rightfully high for our beloved Caped Crusader, so do you think Pattinson can pull the character off?  Do you agree or disagree with O’Mara?  Leave your thoughts in the usual spot, and thanks for reading!

Batman: Hush is now available now!

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Source: ComicBookMovie