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Batman In The Penguin Series? James Gunn Confirms No Rights Issues

Is Robert Pattinson's Batman in The Penguin series? No idea, but DC boss James Gunn confirms there are no rights issues preventing it.

Is Robert Pattinson’s Batman in The Penguin series? Frankly we have no idea, but DC boss James Gunn confirms there are no rights issues preventing it. Gunn was responded to a rumor article on social media that said Batman cannot appear on TV due to a rights issue. To be fair, you’d be forgiven for thinking there was a rights issue. Whilst Bruce Wayne has appeared on TV, Batman hasn’t any time recently. However Gunn says there are no rights issues, and therefore a Batman appearance in The Penguin is not off limits. Check it out.

Of course none of this confirms that Batman will be in The Penguin, but I remain hopeful. Having Pattinson’s Batman show up, even briefly, would really help that show feel like a continuation of The Batman, which it is. I honestly suspected there were some rights issues, but if not, then why not? Both Gotham and Titans had Bruce Wayne, but neither were ever really Batman on the small screen. I guess the reason has been more an internal decision so far. Perhaps someone thought by having Batman on TV it would lessen the characters movie impact?

I’m not sure, but I will say that for several years I’ve wished we could have a proper Batman Universe played out on TV. I think Batman’s Universe would work well with both one off episodes and overarching seasonal plots. That’s not happening anytime soon though and for now it seems DC is keeping Batman for the big screen. It would be very cool to see Batman in The Penguin, but for now we cannot say whether it’s a possibility or not? I guess all we do know is that if Matt Reeves wants him in and Pattinson agrees then it can happen.

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The Penguin is set after the events of The Batman, but is designed to follow Oz, not Bruce. Ergo, it is possible to tell a great story without having Batman show up. That being said, it would be nice to have an episode where Batman shows up to foil Oz’s plans somehow. It would help with worldbuilding greatly and who doesn’t want to see Batman show up? I guess the real question would be how much cash Pattinson would want for it and whether DC can afford that fee?

The Batman 2 is coming and will start filming later this year once principal on The Penguin ends. As you likely know, The Batman universe will remain separate from the upcoming new DCU and that means a new Batman will be cast for Brave and the Bold who will be the DCU’s Batman going forward. Cool as that all sounds, I admit I’m happier getting my Bat fix from Reeves stories as it fits more with my image of Batman that I grew up with.

Is Batman in The Penguin series? That we cannot answer, but James Gunn confirms there’s no rights issues to that at least. Would you like to see Batman show up in The Penguin? Would you be disappointed if he doesn’t make at least a cameo? As always, leave us your thoughts below.

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