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What an interesting situation Hans Zimmer was put in when he was asked to do the music for BATMAN v SUPERMAN. This was the guy who shaped the tone for THE DARK KNIGHT TRILOGY (along with James Newton Howard for the first film), as well as MAN OF STEEL with his epic and fitting scores. However, with BATMAN v SUPERMAN he was facing a bit of a conundrum. Sure, since BvS takes place within the same universe as MAN OF STEEL, it makes sense that he’d come back to do the music. But what about Batman? This Batman is a very different one than what Nolan brought us with Christian Bale, and as such, how weird would it be that Zimmer would be responsible for bringing themes to two completely separate iterations of the same character?

Instead of doing that, Zimmer decided to bring on composer Junkie XL to assist him with the film, taking on the more Batman-centric themes.

We’ve already posted the result in a previous article, but if you’ve yet to listen to it, I’ve embedded it below anyway!

In addition to releasing this track, WaterTower Music released information regarding the full BATMAN v SUPERMAN soundtrack’s release. From the looks of it, not only will the album be released on CD and digital, but it’ll also hit vinyl for those hardcore purists looking for a more analog sound.

Take a look at the info for the album’s release below!:





FEBRUARY 5, 2016 – Los Angeles, CA – WaterTower Music has announced the March 18 release of the soundtrack to the upcoming feature film BATMAN v SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE,  a collaborative effort by film composers Hans Zimmer and Junkie XL (aka Tom Holkenborg). Two song samples are now available: “Men Are Still Good (The Batman Suite)” and “Their War Here.” Available digitally, on CD, 2-disc deluxe CD, and on Limited Edition 3-disc deluxe vinyl. The album is available for preorder now. The 2-CD deluxe package, the digital deluxe version, and the 3-disc deluxe vinyl set feature over 90 minutes of music, five bonus tracks, and exclusive fold-out poster and liner notes from the composers. Additionally, the vinyl set features etched vinyl art and an album download card.

“Junkie XL is an incredibly insightful film composer. It was a perfect idea for us to work together on the BATMAN v SUPERMAN score,” explained Academy-Award-winning composer Zimmer. Grammy nominee Junkie XL showed equal excitement at the pairing, saying, “Hans has an incredible legacy, and I was extremely thrilled when he approached me to work on BATMAN v SUPERMAN with him.” 

The composers discussed their close working relationship with director Zack Snyder. “Zack allows us to try things we haven’t tried before. He’s very supportive of the eccentricities that we bring to this,” says Zimmer. Junkie XL concurred. “He’s very open and accepting of our ideas, and infuses the creative process with an energy that inspires you.” 

“Hans and Tom (Junkie XL) created an incredibly compelling and interesting new musical world for Batman, while continuing to expand on the amazing world and themes Hans had previously created for Superman,” noted director Zack Snyder. “By aligning their vision with my perspective and seeing the characters anew through the lens of the film they were able to support the visual aspects of movie in a way that elevates the film to another level. In so many ways, they become the final texture, the final note in the process of creating the world.”

“This electrifying collaboration brings us such brilliant new character themes,”
commented WaterTower Music head Jason Linn, “While we’ve been fortunate to work several times with both composers individually, this experience has been uniquely thrilling.”

BATMAN v SUPERMAN DAWN OF JUSTICE – ORIGINAL MOTION PICTURE SOUNDTRACK will be released March 18. It is now available for pre-order at iTunes, at Amazon, and can be preordered on Vinyl. The tracklist is as follows:

Beautiful Lie
Their War Here
The Red Capes Are Coming
Day Of The Dead
Must There Be A Superman?
New Rules
Do You Bleed?
Problems Up Here
Black and Blue
Is She With You?
This Is My World
Men Are Still Good (The Batman Suite)
Blood Of My Blood (Bonus Track)**
Vigilante (Bonus Track)**
May I Help You, Mr. Wayne? (Bonus Track)**
They Were Hunters (Bonus Track)**
Fight Night (Bonus Track)**

** On deluxe versions only

And in case you missed a track they released about a month ago, you can check that out below!

BATMAN v SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE hits theaters on March 25, 2016.

SOURCE: WaterTowerMusic

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