– by Campbell Clark

When it comes to landing the role of Batman, I guess it comes with some caveats that you just have to accept as an actor. You’ll be compared to anyone else who played Batman forevermore, your stardom will rocket because you’re Batman, and it seems recently that it also means you get a Bat themed nickname.

This practice only really started with Ben Affleck being called Batfleck by the masses, prior to this I do not recall any other Bat actor being given a nickname, can you? However, it does seem as if the trend will continue, already two names are vying for the title of Pattinson’s Bat nickname, RBatz, and Battinson. I think it’s pretty clear from the title which way I am swinging here, but it’s just harmless fun right?

Well, Pattinson himself recently spoke to ET and was asked which nickname he preferred, RBatz, or Battinson, to which he replied,

“I don’t know … I’m trying to avoid… avoiding nicknames.”

Well, sorry to be the bearer of bad news Robert, but I am not sure it’s something you really have any control over and kind of goes hand in hand with a role like Batman. If anything he should probably see it as a sign of affection, there’s nothing derogatory in either title after all.

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So Pattinson is hoping to avoid nicknames, and yet here I am writing about the futility of it a day after he said it. That’s the power and influence that Batman has, and if Battinson thought the Twilight fandom was a bit mental, or that of Harry Potter, well, he’s in a whole new ball game now.

Which do you prefer, or do you just think it’s silly and will eventually fade away? Leave your thoughts below about movie news of the year thus far.

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