The Whistler: Director Gisberg Bermudez On Keeping The Horrific Folklore To Venezuelan Tradition [Exclusive Interview]

In Venezuelan folklore, The Whistler is a ghost that will strike after hearing a terrifying whistle. Just imagine hearing the Jaws theme song before it actually kills you. The Whistler is based on a children’s

Assassin’s Creed Director Says The Film Never Found Its Voice

A few years back, Assassin’s Creed seemed like it was poised to end the video game curse. Not only did the movie look like a dead ringer for the video game source material, but it

The Mandalorian: Director Bryce Dallas Howard Shadowed Her Father On The Set Of Solo

Fans are counting down the days until we can experience Disney+ for ourselves, and one big reason we’re so excited has everything to do with The Mandalorian, the first live-action series set in the world

IT: Chapter Two Scares Up $91M In Opening Weekend

They said it couldn’t be done. They said IT: Chapter Two couldn’t actually beat out its predecessor, IT: Chapter One, which took in $123 million in its opening weekend. And as it turns out…it couldn’t.

The Mandalorian: Director Bryce Dallas Howard Says The Star Wars Series Will Be Character-Focused

Yes, when we think of Star Wars, we understandably think of a lot of big-picture things. We think of the space battles, the visual effects, and the fantastical and lived-in world presented to us. But,

Unseen: Red Carpet Interviews With Cast and Crew

By the time you’ve finished reading this article, someone will be a victim of human trafficking in this country. Sadly, this is the modern day slavery of today. In recent years, Hollywood started to notice

Rian Johnson Wants To Make More Knives Out Movies With Daniel Craig

Looks like we may have another Hercule Poirot-type character in the works — and this time, exclusively for the big screen. If you’ve been keeping an eye out on the interwebs over the course of

Face/Off Remake Coming From Cloverfield Paradox Writer And Fast & Furious Producer

Oh, lordy me. It’s coming to this. You can pretty much ring the bell of the apocalypse because once this is done, there’ll virtually be no more point in living. Face/Off is one of those

Robert Pattinson Gets Some Sound Batman Advice From Christian Bale

It shouldn't be more than another decade or so before we get to see Robert Pattinson's portayal of the Caped Crusader. Coming as no surprise, his casting was met with some backlash from fans, but

Hawkeye: Hailee Steinfeld In Talks To Play Kate Bishop

Hey, it’s about time the MCU locked down Hailee Steinfeld. From Bumblebee to Into the Spider-Verse, she’s been in plenty of big franchises outside of the biggest super-franchise that’s ever super-franchised. Now, according to a