– by Joseph Jammer Medina

Earlier this year, Disney released the live-action remake of the beloved animated classic, Beauty and the Beast. On the whole, it was a solid remake, and even if it felt perhaps a tad too familiar, it still managed to hit all the right notes.

While the film delved a bit deeper into the mythology behind the Beast’s curse, and clarified some potential plot holes in the original flick, it pretty much told the same exact story, with the overall outcome different very little.

It turns out that was almost not the case. At a recent Q&A for TheWrap’s Award Screening Series in Los Angeles, co-writer Evan Spiliotopoulos said that Gaston had originally survived the film, and was seen as a potential opening for a sequel.

“The idea was not that he died in the end, but the enchantress would come and he would be cursed as the new beast.”

This indeed sounds a bit too much like the Disney we’d all love to hate — one that is all too eager to plant the seeds for another unnecessary sequel. Though to be honest, I did find Luke Evans’ take on the baddie a bit more likable than his animated counterpart, and until he had his super evil turn near the end, I figured there was room for redemption.

From the sound of it, that was likely not at all by accident, at least to begin with…but would it have made a good movie? What do you think? Let us know your thoughts down below!

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  • Weresmurf

    “This indeed sounds a bit too much like the Disney we’d all love to hate ”

    This is where Disney is heading again, mark my words. It’s noticeable in their movies that ever so slowly, they’re watering them down to being generic in terms of template driven movies in order to ensure return on investment etc. I absolutely guarantee you, we’ll see this sort of thing happen…

    • DAH

      …Your 100% right and this is what is starting to worry me…..

  • Ryan Fink

    Interesting idea. Not necessary though.

  • Kindofabigdeal

    Future sequels to live action Disney fare…
    Jungle Book Too. Mowgli and water jug girl have a baby girl who then gets lost in the woods. Recognizing Mowglis scent Baloo goes on an epic quest to return her to the man village. But along the way a rabid Bagheera, who is suffering from rabies, wants to eat her.
    The Little Merdude. Follows the adventure of Ariels nephew who wants to be a part of his aunts world. After making a deal with the Sea Wizard he is turned into a blind human. He then must convince the Prince to kiss him, even though they are cousins. Disney’s riskiest, and open minded venture yet.
    Alladin: Orgins Learn how Will Smith got tricked into getting stuck in a lamp.

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