– by Seth McDonald

Actor Ben McKenzie, who plays Detective (eventual commissioner) James Gordon, on Fox’s Batman prequel Gotham, recently appeared on The Late Show with Steven Colbert, and was asked how it feels to know that his children will never consider his character to be as cool as Batman:

“I’m working on that, they’re the perfect ages to be brainwashed. I explained to them the truth, which is that without Jim Gordon, there would be no Batman. If you really think about it, and I encourage you to really think about, you could almost argue that Gordon was the first Batman. He’s the first lawman in Gotham City, and he’s keeping it together.”

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I see where McKenzie is coming from, as Gordon was the first to attempt to stop the nefarious activities being perpetrated in Gotham City. I think at the very least Mckenzie’s point can be argued, but while Gordon does play a fairly large role in the Batman mythology, I would argue that Alfred was a much bigger influence on a young Bruce Wayne.

Some adaptations give Commissioner Gordon a larger role than others. On Gotham, the show in which McKenzie plays the character, Gordon is a huge part of the show, and in influencing Bruce Wayne. Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy also featured Gordon (played by the great Gary Oldman). The most recent iteration of the character was in Justice League and was played by J.K. Simmons, whose role was fairly small.

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Source: The Late Show with Stephen Colbert