– by Campbell Clark

The next MCU movie out of the gate is Black Widow, and I think it would be fair to say that hype for this particular movie has not quite been on the level of most MCU releases. I’d guess this is for two reasons, one, the movie is set between Civil War and Infinity War, which is unusual for the MCU. Second, Natasha died in Endgame (properly) and won’t be coming back as far as anyone can tell. I suppose both these factors have combined to rank Black Widow the bottom or near the bottom of fans lists of most hyped future Marvel projects, or at least from the comments I have read online.

However, I think the hype levels have been growing across this weekend a little as a few details emerged about Black Widow during D23. The poster for the movie was revealed and since then I am seeing a lot more excitement for this movie online from fans, check it out.

The poster has Natasha front and centre as one would expect, but it also has what looks like other ‘Widows’ receding off into the background and this gives weight to rumors that Natasha would come across others like her in the movie. We also see David Harbour’s Red Guardian, sporting a pretty comic accurate costume, full beard and a girth that indicates he wasn’t required to lose his Stranger Things bulk for the role, which I do like. Wait……Chief Hopper we think was kidnapped by Russians in Stranger Things, were they turning him into Red Guardian in the 80’s? Add it all up and it looks like Half-Life 3 is confirmed folks!

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In all seriousness though, I am starting to get a Winter Soldier vibe from this and that is probably regarded as one of the MCU’s best ever movies. I am also keen to say what Taskmaster can bring as a villain, and I do hope he is a villain that continues, rather than gets killed in this movie. For a start he and Deadpool always had some great times in the comics and that’s something that could be explored in the MCU now. My only slight gripe with Taskmaster is the ski-mask look, I definitely prefer the skull mask he wore in the comics, as it made him look more threatening. Still, if they nail the character, let’s be honest, we won’t care too much about the ski-mask will we?

My hype levels have definitely been rocketed skywards for Black Widow, what about you? Let us know what you think in the usual nexus of chat below.

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