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Bob Odenkirk Teases Insanity For Gene In Better Call Saul Final Season

Better Call Saul Is The Last In The Breaking Bad Universe Says Vince Gilligan

Better Call Saul final season will air this year and there remains a lot of outstanding questions. We fans might be almost up to date to when we first met Saul/Jimmy in Breaking Bad. However, we are not quite there yet and questions still need answers. Jointly previous seasons have begun to explore the flashforward story of what happened to Jimmy post-Breaking Bad. Gene, as Jimmy is now known is working in a mall and trying to lead a very quiet life. However, as we’ve already seen Gene doesn’t seem to be able to run away from Saul Goodman.

As we move into this Better Call Saul final season, we are left with two stories to conclude. First, what happened to Kim Wexler between Better Call Saul Season 5 and Breaking Bad, and when did Jimmy fully embrace Saul? Second, what is the final fate of Gene, aka Jimmy, manager of an Omaha based Cinnabon. The last we saw of a spooked Gene he was going to run again, then he changed his mind declaring he would ‘fix it himself’. So what happens next for Gene in the Better Call Saul final season? Bob Odenkirk recently had a chat with The Wrap and teased a little of what to expect.


Better Call Saul final

“I’d like to think he learned something about how to manage yourself and your inspirations, your drives, in the course of all these adventures, including ‘Breaking Bad,’” he says. “We’ll see what Gene, how he behaves as a more experienced person having lost everything — at least one time. I wonder what Gene will do to protect himself, or to strike back at the world.”

I don’t know about you, but I have a hard time seeing a happy end for Jimmy McGill, therefore I have a hard time seeing a happy end for Gene Takovic. Gene’s paranoia is already high, with the pressure on, will he make the right decisions? Going by what we know of Jimmy’s past, the right decisions are not normally his forte. Making terrible decisions though, that’s Slippin Jimmy. But what about Jimmy, and that gap to where we see him in Breaking Bad?


“He’s really got himself in serious, life-threatening danger. And he’s kind of shaken by his incident in the desert. He’s actually a little reticent, and more unsure of himself than he’s ever been,” Odenkirk says. “Jimmy just sort of thought he can play with these scary guys. He’s discovering that there are very serious and consequential consequences on what they do.”

Though, given we know Jimmy gets in far deeper, what pushes him one step further?

“He’s pretty much close to there, I’d say. But something big still has to happen to trip him over into, I think, full Saul mode,” he said. “I imagine it has a lot to do with Kim Wexler.”

Ooh, a little tease around Kim, but then we already know Kim’s fate is the big mystery. Will Kim get killed, and it’s Jimmy’s fault? Will she get caught doing something illegal, and go to jail? Or, was Kim there the whole time with Jimmy in Breaking Bad and just never seen on screen? That latter seems the least likely option to me, but I won’t rule anything out in this show.

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I’m conflicted, on one hand I cannot wait to see how Better Call Saul ends, I’m excited for the final season. On the other hand, that means no more Better Call Saul. Will we finally be done with the Breaking Bad Universe, or will there be more roads to travel? Who knows, but one thing I do know, is I am guessing from a hundred different variable on how BCS will end. Given how much of this character we know already, that’s damn good writing.

What are your hopes for the Better Call Saul final season? As always, leave your thoughts below.

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