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Happy Avengers: Infinity War Official Trailer drop day! You saw the Official Teaser last year, you’ve waited months, so let’s get into it!

For a second trailer for a Marvel Studios film, the trailer for Avengers: Infinity War is incredibly secretive. We get loads of cool images, an idea of how the teams really break down and where our characters may head, a possible end for the original four biggest hitters except for Bruce Banner/Hulk, and still no Hawkeye. What we don’t get is a clear narrative, which Marvel is normally great at giving away.

They’ve always been good at keeping the biggest secrets for “gasp” moments in the theater, while giving away the overall flow of the film. But, this time, I’m having trouble making heads or tails about what happens, and when and where it happens, but let’s at least try to crack this beast, shall we?

“The Entire Time I Knew Him, He Only Had One Goal…”

Just getting reacquainted with the characters here, starting with a sweet widescreen shot flipping New York on its head and framing it, if only for a moment, in the iPhone aspect ratio.

Something is in the sky. Is it that round ship from the first trailer? The one I have assumed was a portal since the Official Trailer in 2017?

Our heroes look up, though I’m not convinced they are looking at the same thing. My money is on Bruce Banner, Black Widow, and War Machine already being in Wakanda for their shot, perhaps looking up at the pillars that fall out of the sky later? This would assumedly be later in the film then, as we seem to have to main chapters, whatever the new Team Iron Man is doing in New York and off-planet, and the battle of Wakanda. So far, we’ve seen Banner is New York, but we’ve only seen Black Widow and War Machine in Wakanda. Plus, whatever they are standing on looks like it has Wakanda symbols on it…

“…To Wipe Out Half The Universe.”

A quick establishing shot of the Sanctum Sanctorum, home to Dr. Strange and the Time Stone, one of the six Infinity Stones Thanos needs for his fancy gauntlet.

“If He Gets All The Infinity Stones, He Can Do It With The Snap Of His Fingers. Just Like That.”

Similar shot to teaser with Thanos inserting the Space Stone onto the Infinity Gauntlet. So far, we only have a visual on the Space Stone and the Power Stone on that glove, which means the Nova Corps and Xandar, and likely Loki, are history.

Gamora, as an adopted daughter of Thanos, looks like she will be doing a lot of exposition for Thanos in the film, both describing the threat Thanos is to both our clueless Earthling Avengers and the audience that hasn’t been obsessing over every film for 10 years.

And it never hurts to have such a dramatic snapping of fingers, cutting the music… just like that.

“Tell Me His Name Again.”

Looking at the couch and the wallpaper behind Stark, as well as his jacket, it looks like we are seeing him in the Sanctum Sanctorum. Gamora meanwhile, does look like she is on the Guardians of the Galaxy’s new ship. So, is Wong or Banner filling in Stark on Thanos, intercut with Nebula explaining him to Thor after his arrival on their ship? Looks like tricky editing to me!


The big guy, the Mad Titan Thanos arrives, this time in full golden armor and to a bitchin’ tune that screams I’m the baddest mother f—ker in the universe.

Then we get a short version of those sweet, sweet Marvel Studios logos. We are in for some s—t!

Spidey gets to look super cool, pulling on his mask on the outside of a school bus (classic Peter Parker!)

“We Got One Advantage. He’s coming to us.”

Haha, Stark. Good luck with that one advantage.

The round portal(?) ship sits over New York. Iron Man advances, with new rocket feet, for extra high altitudes I guess? Faster travel? He’s never needed them before but they will certainly sell toys and make my heart swell up with joy.

“We Have What Thanos Wants…”

We see exactly what he wants…

Doctor Strange and the Eye of Agamotto aka the Time Stone.

Scarlett Witch looking at her love, Vision, sporting the Soul Stone on his forehead. (Both look to be in Wakanda, by the way).

“So That’s What We’ll Use.”

Stark is notorious for bad planning. Will his plan get Vision killed? I’m not saying there is a better plan, but he appears to be using Avengers with Infinity Stones as bait…

Wakanda Forever! Captain America and Black Widow are greeted by T’Challa aka Black Panther, the king of Wakanda, including his royal guards. A wonderful reunion with a strong, super soldier handshake.

Shuri, T’Challa’s younger sister, has a hologram of something… is it a face? Is it the meteorite of Vibranium? Is it the Soul Stone itself? Though it looks like it could be a face, my money is that being the meteorite, and Shuri is about to reveal what is inside… the Soul Stone! Maybe. Just maybe.

We see Gamora, Mantis, Star-Lord, and Drax exit their ship into one of the two mysterious locations from the trailer, the inside of a giant spaceship? A giant factory? Is this Thor’s ship from the end of Thor: Ragnarok?

“This Plan Of Yours, I Think It’s Good, But It Sucks. So, Let Me Do The Plan And That Way, It Might Be Really Good”

“Wow” is right Tony. Have you met the new most annoying Avenger?

It is almost as magical to see Iron Man and Spider-Man standing with Drax and Star-Lord for the first time as it was to see Banner meet Steve Rogers on that heli-carrier six years ago. The dynamics of the Guardians look intact, and this should be a lot of fun… when lives aren’t on the line…

“On April 27”

Yup, that’s not May 4!

Wakanda heads to the battlefield with T’Challa and Cap in the lead speeder, with Falcon and possibly Iron Man (?) flying overhead. Maybe Iron Man does make it to Wakanda, after all, though this could be War Machine, though it looks to be red, or the Hulkbuster, but it looks to be smaller than that.

Black Widow is there too! And look, the Hulkbuster on the ground as someone flies by overhead. It has already been assumed from the last trailer and some toy sets that Banner pilots the Hulkbuster, likely putting off becoming the Hulk until he needs to, because he doesn’t want to get lost again. So maybe that was Iron Man in the sky?

“The End Is Near.”

New voice! Perhaps one of Thanos’ Black Order, his adopted children he didn’t drive away?

We get some character glory shots including our only look at Rocket and Groot in the trailer. And they’re hanging out with Thor! These three are rumored to be one segment of the team as the Avengers appear to be covering three different areas in the trailer.

Then we see that mystery planet, where I assume the portal from New York leads to. Lots of destruction so it is hard to pin down… is this Titan? Where else would a portal from Thanos lead? Or, is Team Iron man somehow on a different planet looking for the Soul Stone, should it not be in Wakanda? Wherever it is, we see the portal ship crashing, also appears to be the same place Star-Lord, Drax, Iron Man, and Spider-Man were standing on earlier.

“When I’m Done…”

Badass shot of Thanos, taking Gamora when she was a girl from her home planet. See all those green people being held off by guards that match Thanos in armor type? Some suppose this is Titan, but unless Gamora is from Titan, I don’t think so.

“Half Of Humanity Will Still Exist.”

I know Thanos wants the Infinity Stones, ultimate power, blah, blah, blah… but what is his exact plan? He’s leaving half of humanity? An earlier interview with the Russo Bros. confirms that Titan fell from something Thanos could not prevent. Overcrowding? Is Thanos just cutting the universe in half so we don’t have a galaxy wide environmental melt-down. Is he just an an intergalactic eco-terrorist?

First shot of a possible Avenger death! Thanos seemingly squashing Thor’s head. But Thor is an Asgardian, no normal human being. And yes, Thor is still rockin’ that eye patch!

The Black Order looks on! We finally see them all for the first time, assumedly as Loki hands off the Space Stone, or while Thor is being squeezed by the big purple dude who likes to sit.

Yup, Thanos has the Tesseract and crushes it into a size more manageable for his special glove. Thanos likes to accessorize!

Action shots!

Bucky reloads!

Cap has got his sweet new shield… with retractable spikes of some sort?

Black Panther pops the claws, thinks his helmet on, as all of Wakanda, Cap, Black Widow, and the Hulkbuster wait for Thanos’ unknown alien army to break their special Wakanda-tech shield.

“Perfectly Balanced”

Doctor Strange helps Star-Lord get some air with magic! Sweet Star-Lord shots!

“As All Things Should Be.”

Scarlet Witch looks on with horror!

Doctor Strange has weird, magical looking needles in his face as a member of the Black Order looks on (perhaps the one who said “The End Is Near?”).

Falcon flies across Wakanda, firing bullets! Classic Falcon!

Those aliens overtake the Hulkbuster. Will we get to see the Hulk rip himself out of the suit to gain the advantage (should Banner actually be inside)?

“And Hope They Remember You”

Thanos has got Stark in a really, really, bad situation. No suit, or a seemingly melted suit. He’s trapped in the same place we saw him crying in the initial Teaser. And Thanos jumps at him with all he’s got, going for the kill…

Only to cut to another potential kill, Steve Rogers trying to hold back Thanos’ hand, with the Gauntlet. This isn’t going to go well for Cap, he could barely take Ultron Prime alone… is this his death scene?

Whatever the case, Steve Rogers, my favorite Avengers, and most likely to die, has never looked so goddamn awesome!


And a little tag at the end, the classic Marvel joke after the title. More comedy with Doctor Strange’s name! Another winner from Marvel Studios!

What do you think of the trailer? Anything you saw that I overlooked? Can you make sense of the seemingly three to four locales? We know one is Wakanda, but what is that facility? Is that planet Titan? Let me know what you think in the comment section below.

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