– by Joseph Jammer Medina

The OA was a polarizing series when it debuted on Netflix a mere eight weeks ago. While many were pulled in by its fantastically-executed first episode, and unique story, the finale sent some people into fits. It created more questions than answers, and it pointed in directions that made people wonder if they’d made a mistake getting so invested in the first seven episodes of the series.

Well, it looks like the folks left scratching their heads are going to get a chance for some real closure on those feelings.

Netflix has just announced that The OA is getting a second season, and they did so with this snazzy teaser:

If you haven’t seen the first season of The OA and don’t want anything *SPOILED* then I suggest you click away now.



In the finale of The OA, the series threw us a curveball. It made us question whether or not the titular character had just thrown us a The Usual Suspects-style swerve, where she manufactured her whole story based on several elements she pulled from elsewhere. It felt somewhat manipulative, and kind of off-putting that they were now acting like it was all some sort of hoax. But then there was the thing with the school shooter, where her recruited “angels” all stopped the attack using what she had taught them…before she is suddenly shot dead.

The finale had people wondering, “Was it all made-up?” “How could she have predicted that an attack like that was coming?” “If it was real, why are they not paying off the overriding theme where The OA wants to be reunited with Homer and the other group?”  “If it was fake, how did she actually get her vision back?” “Really? You’re going to leave us hanging like that?!?”

I won’t weigh in on any of these questions. I’d rather see you all do that.  

Are you relieved to hear that The OA will be back for a second season? What did you make of the season finale? If you count yourself among those that felt burned by the way it all ended, are you going to give them a chance to win you back?

SOURCE: Netflix

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