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If you never watched the Power Rangers show growing up than you may have no idea who Goldar is. On the TV series, he was the moronic sidekick of Rita Repulsa (played by Elizabeth Banks in the upcoming film), and other villains at times, that had a gruff speaking voice, looked like an orc, and frankly he was ridiculous — and possibly one of the best things about the show.

Director Dean Israelite wanted to take Goldar in a different direction, and instead turned him into a gigantic molten mess of gold, that Rita possibly could have conjured up the same way she conjures the other rock creatures we have seen in the preview. For all we know Goldar may simply be her answer to the Megazord. EW had a chance to sit down with Israelite and production designer Andrew Menzies ask about the choice to make this change to such an iconic character. Andrew responds first:

“Dean and I talked about him being faceless and intimidating and characterless, He’s an extension of Rita that’s unstoppable. I think as humans we always search for character in a face, and if it’s always shifting and changing, it becomes scary, If it moved like chocolate and kept flowing, you could never put your finger on it.”

To help him with his design he studied ferrofluid, which can take a liquid metal and using an electromagnet make it dance around and manipulate it shape, depending on the current. Science is fun. Israelite further comments on the outcome of the new and “improved” Goldar.

“There’s something very beautiful about him, all of the negative space that’s constantly in Goldar’s design feels very eerie, but on the other hand, he’s a kinetic sculpture.”

Admittedly, I am a bit old to have watched much Power Rangers growing up, I was more into Transformers, G.I. Joe, and Robotech — but I do remember Goldar, and always thought he made for a good villain simply because of his look alone. Granted, I do remember the Power Rangers always handing him his arse, but he did look cool. I would have much rather seen Ron Perlman in a Goldar costume, but hey, there is a reason I don’t direct movies, outside of the fact that I have no talent to do so.

Click here for an image of the new Goldar.

Here is the newest trailer in caseyou missed it:

Do you guys like out this version of Goldar, or was the original a much cooler character?

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Source: EW

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