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Actors signing on for obscene numbers of movies in a franchise these days is no big deal. In a post-Avengers world, it’s pretty much a given that, at some point, an actor will sign on that dotted line for at least a few movies in a shared universe. It’s the only a studio can guarantee a consistent cast across multiple films, thereby better allowing an audience to buy into the concept of a shared universe.

So when a recent report from THR hit that Captain Marvel actress Brie Larson had signed on for seven films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it made sense. The original main cast of the MCU signed on for a handful of films each, and in a world where the studio realizes these things can genuinely go on forever, why not try and keep the next guard a little bit longer? Well, it looks like someone is here to contest that claim. Specifically, Brie Larson herself in a tweet. Check it below:

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So there you have it, straight from the horse’s mouth. No, Larson has not signed on for seven films. Sadly, this doesn’t really give us any real indication as to how many she has signed on for, but we can probably bet it’s at least two, as she’ll be showing up in both Captain Marvel and Avengers 4. Beyond that, she may very well be taking a wait and see approach with her franchise to see if she can haggle for a pay bump sooner rather than later.

So what does this mean for the actress’s reported $5 million paycheck? It’s a bit dubious, to say the least. Then again, you can’t ever expect a studio or actor to truly confirm a paycheck. They’re likely legally not allowed to say anything, as it messes with the balance of things when these numbers are fully public. That being said, the standard deal in the past seems to be six movies, so it’s not as though seven is vastly different from that, and as far as salaries go…well, it’s all pretty much pure speculation.

What do you think of this denial? How many films do you think Marvel signed her up for?

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SOURCE: Brie Larson

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