– by Nick Doll

Ash Vs. Evil Dead returns for Season 3 Sunday, February 25, 2018, and the show’s bringing with it one hell of a Deadite!

The continuing story of Ash (Bruce Campbell) from Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead trilogy of films, our hero has taken on all sorts of Deadites and other nasty critters, but his biggest foe (literally) is yet to come.

Discussing Season 3 of Ash Vs. Evil Dead with Bloody Disgusting, Campbell reveals the season leads up to him facing a 60-foot-tall Deadite. Said Campbell:

“It’s the big one, the mother of all demons. That’s what Ash is fighting with the tank, so it ends up that Ash is finally going to fulfill his destiny. He has to own up to who he is — if he’s the chosen one.”

Campbell went on to share that this “chosen one” narrative featured in Ash Vs. Evil Dead was actually an idea already in place when he worked with Raimi on the original trilogy of films:

“Sam (Raimi)’s theory has always been that every millennia, the evil rises to test the mettle of the average man, not the special man, the average man. It’s a little biblical because there’s some story in the Bible, Evil’s like, ‘Let’s have Evil fight Good. You bring me your best man, I’ll give you our best man, let’s duke it out and see who wins.’ On the good side, they’re like, ‘I’m just gonna send you a schmoe, because we’re so confident in Good that even a schmoe can take you guys out.’ So that’s why Ash is essentially the Chosen One, he has no skills, zero skills, he’s not Navy SEAL or former FBI.”

Even a schmoe, indeed.

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SOURCE: Bloody Disgusting