– by Joseph Jammer Medina

Breaking Bad is a series that kind of became the gold standard for television shows. While other shows had also helped to usher in this world of serialized TV we currently live in, I’d argue Breaking Bad really drove the point home that this is what audiences wanted from their shows — characters that change and high-stakes drama that keeps you at the edge of your seat. Gone were the days where there was a status quo to fall back on with the premise, and gone were the days where a character would revert back to zero at the beginning of each episode.

With a show that has so many great moments, it’s incredibly hard to point to one, in particular, that is the most powerful. EW recently had an extensive reunion piece for the series, and in it, they ask star Bryan Cranston what his favorite moment is. He points to a later scene in the show where Walter, Jesse, and Todd siphon methylamine from the train. They are victorious but are discovered by a boy riding a bike. As Walter and Jesse figure out what to do, Todd quickly shoots the boy did.

“You have some sense of character victory and tragedy connected to both,” Cranston told the outlet.

It’s definitely a great scene and one that makes it all too clear that Todd is one bad dude who would need to be dealt with at some point down the line.

Personally, if I were to point to one moment that made an impact on me, it’d be Jesse’s escape at the very end. More specifically, that moment where he laughs and cries upon escaping. Yes, the moment is kind of happy since after around a year of being in captivity, he’s finally given a second chance, but I find it more poignantly tragic. Yes, he escaped, but it’s clear that he will bear the scars of those months for the rest of his life. Despite his escape, Pinkman will always be a prisoner in one way or another, and that’s something I think was conveyed beautifully by Aaron Paul.

What’s your favorite Breaking Bad scene? Let us know your thoughts down below!

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