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Captain America 4 villain and Sharon Carter rumor

According to the folks of That Hashtag Show, the Captain America 4 villain will be Sin. The outlet also claims original plans had Sharon Carter, aka The Power Broker as the villain. However, apparently the backlash against the Carter reveal within The Falcon and The Winter Soldier changed Marvel’s mind. When I say backlash, it was not I think the fact that Carter was Power Broker that was the issue. Instead I’d say the issue was how obvious they made it, and yet didn’t do much with it in the show.

Honestly, I did not rate The Falcon and The Winter Soldier that highly. The Carter reveal was one of my gripes for sure, but I had many others about the writing on the show. I’m therefore not terribly excited to know that head writer Malcolm Spellman is back for Captain America 4. Here is exactly what the outlet said about a reduced Carter role and the new lead villain. They begin by describing a casting call that Marvel Studios has put out there, which they say they can identify.

We can exclusively share that this casting is for Sinthea Schmidt, aka Sin. In the comics, Sin is the daughter of Red Skull and works to re-establish Hydra. While plot details are sparse, it’s safe to assume the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. We have exclusively learned that Sin will be re-evaluating the legacy of her father, Captain America (Steve Rogers), and Sam’s new role as Captain America.

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We do also know that Emily VanCamp will be returning as Sharon Carter/Power Broker, however, her role changed. She was originally planned to be the film’s main villain. Though, Marvel and Kevin Feige are hesitant to make her the main villain after a negative fan response to her arc on The Falcon And The Winter Soldier. So expect her to have a role, but a reduced role, not the main villain role.

Red Skull’s daughter? One would assume in the MCU this would at least need to a granddaughter, no? Red Skull vanished into the Tesseract back in the mid 1940’s. I’m also not wonderfully keen to see this plot line, it feels kinda cliché. ‘Oh the man who used to do your job killed my pops, now I’m going to ignore the fact he’s an old man and come after you. Yes, I know the real Cap was around for ages recently, but I waited for you Captain America 2.’ Ok, it does not have to play out like that at all, but that’s where my imagination is going and that’s never a good sign for me.

The main reasons fans didn’t care for Carter’s turn to Power Broker was because it was telegraphed and yet had little impact on the show as a whole. It may actually redeem this decision by setting Carter up as the main villain of the next Cap movie? So I’m not sure if this reduced role is a good idea, if this is legit that is? So far I’m not going out on a limb to declare THS a great source. Previously the outlet did not really cover scoops and it takes time to build a reputation. I guess if this does pan out it will a go in the plus column for them. Until then treat this with the sodium infused wariness it deserves.

What do you think of this rumored Captain America 4 villain. What about the Carter rumor? Leave any thoughts you have below.

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