– by Joseph Jammer Medina

One of the biggest question marks in “Captain America: Civil War” has been Spider-Man. Those who’ve read the comic that serves as the inspiration for the film understand the importance of the character to the overall story. He’s the one who’s caught in-between Captain America and Iron Man in the Superhero Registration Act debate — and one who stands in front of millions as he removes his mask publicly for the first time. It’s a huge moment in the comics, though it’s one that we’re likely not going to have on the big screen for a myriad of logistical reasons.

In fact, in recent weeks, the level of Spider-Man’s involvement in the “Civil War” flick has been increasingly questionable. While there is no doubt that he’ll appear in the film, it’s now a question of how much he’ll be in the film. Will he just pop his head in for a short cameo as a street-level vigilante, or can we expect a more prolonged duration? And with that in mind, how many costumes can we expect from the webslinger?

Outlet SUPER Interessante had a conversation with one of the film’s directors, Anthony Russo, and asked about what kind of costume we can expect, and about how many.

Russo’s response was as follows:

“Well, we did a lot of research and experimented with the looks of each character. We went through the same process with Spider-Man. We knew it was going to be someone young and it was very important to us because we wanted to give this essence to the character, because he is someone unique to the Marvel Universe. Tom Holland is an amazing Spider-Man, people will love him. It was a very experimental process, placing him with the other actors, especially with Downey Jr., we had to learn as we worked. And we’re very happy with the final result. We’re still working on a few things, like the costume. He’s not ready yet because so much will be produced with special effects.”

It’s a very vague response, to be sure, but when Russo talks about the character being young, my mind goes to that one scrappy costume that was talked about months back. Something that Peter Parker could have made at home.

And what about a second costume? Will Spider-Man be getting a new one when/if he joins one of the teams? SUPER Interessante went a step further and asked Russo if we would be getting the red and gold costume that Spidey was well known for in the “Civil War” run (the Iron Spider costume).

“The film will show a mix of what everyone is waiting for with a little twist. So yeah, that’s all I can say.”

Another vague response, but you can’t fault the outlet for trying. But based on these responses from Anthony Russo, I think Spider-Man’s involvement will be more than just a brief cameo. If his costume is a twist of what everyone is waiting for, then I feel like he can be more integral than we initially thought. And given that Marvel had plans for using Spider-Man in the story from day one, why should we expect any different?

What kind of costume are you looking forward to in the film for Spider-Man? Let us know in the comments down below!

“Captain America: Civil War” hits theaters on May 6, 2016.

SOURCE: SUPER Interessante (via CBM)

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