– by Joseph Jammer Medina

Not any schmoe can just come in from the street and play a superhero. Hell, even Oscar-worthy actors have to put in the time before they can don the suits that make them super. We’ve seen the physiques that the three MCU Chrises have thanks to their work in Hollywood, and you can bet your bottom dollar that they worked their tails off to achieve that.

The same goes for Brie Larson, who is set to bow into theaters as Carol Danvers in next year’s Captain Marvel film. Given her overall strength and abilities, she also had to work to make sure she was no pushover. According to Larson herself, she trained for nine months prior to production in order to get into shape.

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“I will say that I learned that I’m much stronger than I realize in playing her,” she said to the outlet, before discussing some hard numbers in her workouts. “My highest right now is 215 lbs. in deadlifts. 400 lb. hip thrusts. being able to lift weight like that really changed my perspective and understanding of myself. Going through a movie that requires so much and takes this long, I’m realizing I’m way stronger than I knew.”

That must be pretty cool. Had I been in her shoes, I’m sure I would have felt the exact opposite of myself, but that’s neither here nor there. It’s always cool to hear about the actors having to put in the time at the gym to make things work. Given the names they have to live up to in comic book form, it’s nice to know how much work they goes into it.

Let us know your deadlift one-rep-max down below. Mine’s 435 lbs…but that was years ago…

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SOURCE: Variety

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