– by Campbell Clark

As we were promised we got a special look at a different cut of a Captain Marvel trailer during yesterdays NCAA championship finals. As you can see from the trailer above there is quite a bit of new footage and it kind of puts a different spin on how the movie feels as well.

There is more time spent here between Carol and Nick Fury, and the directors of Captain Marvel have already compared the relationship to a buddy cop movie like Lethal Weapon or 48 Hrs. Directors Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck spoke to Fandango and said the following.

“It has a lot of playfulness in it, and that kind of buddy-cop vibe that Captain Marvel has with the Nick Fury character was really an important touchstone for us.” Anna said
Ryan agreed.“Like the ’80s and ’90s buddy-cop movies, like 48 Hrs. or Lethal Weapon. We have some of that. Those movies, even the serious ones, they have a really terrific sense of humor, and we wanted to maintain that as well.”

Not only did we get this special look, we also got a brand new BTS featurette which you can check out below.

Pretty cool right? But we are not done there, because we were also sent the new IMAX artwork poster which you can check below.

Now, that’s a pretty badass poster, right? It’s a matter of weeks really now until Captain Marvel comes cruising into theaters and I personally can’t wait. The new trailer alone has really upped the hyped for this writer.

What do you think of all the new promotional material for Captain Marvel? Shoot your mouth off in the usual place below as always.

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SOURCE: Marvel & Fandango