– by Campbell Clark

With the Captain Marvel trailer releasing yesterday alongside the new official poster, it’s understandable that everyone was focussed on the trailer instead of the poster.

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However, it appears that there is a small detail on the poster which would be easily missed if not for the keen-eyed fans out there. On the poster below if you check the bottom left-hand side of the image, you will see a shape in the shadows of the hangar door. Upon closer inspection, this is the tail of a cat and it looks kinda ginger, so why would this be of any importance to Captain Marvel?

In the comics, Carol had a pet cat called Chewie, as do I actually. However, Carol’s cat was not from Earth and in fact was an alien species who looked similar to an Earth cat called a Flerken. A Flerken does have some key differences to an Earth cat however, Chewie had purple tentacles that came out its mouth and could teleport between alternate dimensions.

Whether Carol brings this creature with her to Earth and it is a part of the movie is unknown, it could easily just be a little Easter Egg to fans of the comics. Or they could have her acquire a standard Earth cat she then dubs Chewie. Personally, I hope they go wild and include the alien dimension hopping killer cat from the comics in this. I basically just want to have the cat help her escape somewhere so she can say “Chewie, get us out of here!” Yes, I am sad I know, but small pleasures and all that.

It is possible as Samuel L Jackson did give us a little tease of Chewie previously.  A photo Nick Fury actor Samuel L. Jackson posted of the film’s cast and crew shirt featured a cat, and many presumed it meant Chewie would join Carol on her solo adventure. Check it out below.

But it remains to be seen how big if at all Chewie’s role will be? There appeared to be no sign of any cats in the trailer, though you never know what fans might dig up by going through the trailers in slow motion over the next couple of days.

What do you think of the image, Easter Egg or Chewie confirmed? Prepare to purr away in the comments section below.

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SOURCE: Disney, Samuel L Jackson (via Instagram)