– by Campbell Clark

Disney has been developing their own streaming service to rival the likes of Netflix and Amazon Prime and we already know that a TV show based on Star Wars and led by John Favreau will be hitting the fledgling service eventually.

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Disney’s other mega brand right now is the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and while Netflix looks set to remain home to Marvel’s more adult themed Defenders content, we have been waiting to hear what they had planned for their own service from the MCU.

Now a report late yesterday by Variety states that Disney is planning to use the service to release shorter limited episode content from the MCU, which will showcase some of the characters who will not be getting solo movies. Each series is expected to run for 6 – 8 episodes only and the outlet also reports that the budget for these shows is set to be hefty. The characters that have been mentioned already are Scarlet Witch and Loki. Personally I think a limited show starring both of these characters could be very interesting. Perhaps the most interesting aspect of a Loki show would be the fact that the character is currently deceased in the MCU, he’s bought the farm, ceased to exist, stone cold dead etc (ok Cam, this isn’t Monty Python).

If Loki is no more, would a series focus on the villain with a good side be set further in the past? Loki certainly gets around and it would be interesting to see him caught up in something he had to cunningly work his way out of. Loki has almost become an anti-hero as opposed to a villain as the MCU has progressed and I would happily watch 6-8 hours of Tom Hiddleston as the God of Mischief. The report from the outlet does state that both Hiddleston and Scarlett Witch actor Elizabeth Olsen are expected to reprise their roles for these shows.

Just because we have heard of only these two characters does not mean Marvel doesn’t have more plans for other characters further down the line. The possibilities are really endless here, imagine a show based on Bucky aka The Winter Soldier set in the 80’s. What about a Captain Marvel show detailing some of her antics between the new movies and Avengers 4? Or let’s go all out here, how cool would it be to explore the Hulk in a TV setting since Marvel cannot currently make a stand-alone movie for him, again this could be set prior to Avengers in the MCU timeline. Better yet, what about a Thanos centric series, starring Brolin and possibly Karen Gillan and the other children of Thanos?

One of the things I have missed as the MCU progressed was the Marvel One Shot’s, those were cool little stories about smaller characters, which helped add some filler into the cracks left by the movies. The shows are expected to be guided by none other than MCU supremo Kevin Feige, which immediately sets this content apart from both ABC’s Marvel efforts and the Netflix Marvel shows.

With MCU shows and Star Wars shows already set to appear on Disney’s Streaming service which is currently being called Disney Play, I think they have a subscriber in me ready to sign up. That’s not to mention the number of children focussed content which is sure to appear on the service as well. At this point, I could see me choosing Disney over the likes of Amazon for my hard earned income.

What do you think of this news, are you seeing enough content here to justify a subscription to Disney Play? Let us know what you think in the usual place below.

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SOURCE: Variety