– by Kyle Malone

Captain Marvel is less than 30 days away! Personally, I have been disappointed by the majority of trailers, although the third one was pretty good, but I will be there opening weekend. There has been a lot of information betrayed by toys for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Anyone remember the Lego set that told us about Ant-Man going BIG in Captain America: Civil War? Well, this time it’s not even a leak about upcoming toys, this spoiler is on shelves right now. Check out the tweet from Captain Marvel News below if you want to see.









That’s right! Goose the cat is an alien! In the comic books, the cat is known as named Chewie, which given that Disney owns both Marvel and LucasFilm I find it strange they changed the name. The alien species the cat belongs too are known as Flerken, and yes they all appear to look like earth cats. The creatures have several powers including being able to store pocket dimensions in their mouths and use tentacles that also come from their mouth. Oh, and those tentacles can also have little mouths of their own. If the Flerken is muzzled its powers become unusable.

I am not sure how much this thing will play into the story, or if it really is just a pet. I do know I love cats and want an orange tabby of my own. Captain Marvel hits theaters on March 8th!

Are you excited to see Goose as a Flerken? What are your thoughts on the name change? Let us know in the comments below!

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SOURCE: Captain Marvel News

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