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At LRM, we’re all in agreement that Taika Waititi’s Thor: Ragnarok appears to be the perfect antidote to the drab Thor: The Dark World (2013) — and it’s more than just the emphasis on humor, bright colors, and that talking Hulk (although, all are greatly appreciated). One of the most anticipated aspects of this new film is Cate Blanchett’s Hela, Marvel’s first female villain in the MCU!

Blanchett’s Goddess of Death leads a full-on assault on Asgard, along with gleefully violent allies like Skurge (Karl Urban). In the process, Thor (Chris Hemsworth) loses his hammer and is sent to Hel (the Norse version). Is it me, or are there an abnormal number of Aussies and Kiwis in this movie?

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Blanchett spoke to CinemaBlend during a recent set visit in Australia. As a Marvel newcomer, she lends her unique perspective:

“It’s like Chris has harnessed all the energy of the previous films and is using that. Then also subverting it, which is really, it was really thrilling to watch so it was really helpful for me to know ‘OK, we can stretch it that far.’ And you’re in such safe hands with Taika tonally, you know, having seen all his other films is that you, you know, 3/4 of it may get chucked out but you’ve got to chuck it out there in order to find that little gem, you know? That’s what play is, you know? And sometimes, on some sets, you can feel that that’s not really possible.”

Blanchett is talking about Waititi’s mandate for 80% more improvisation (because 60% would not do). It’s a style of filmmaking that Waititi has perfected in his offbeat indie films, like What We Do In The Shadows (also starring far too many Aussies and Kiwis). The important note here is that Blanchett seems down with the humor and the improv, as it can lead to surprises and fun that sometimes occur when rigidly sticking to a traditional script. I jest, but it’s intriguing to see where this all nets out.

The other really important point to note here is that Blanchett’s Hela looks bad-ass, has style, and demonstrates sharp wit in the recent trailers. In short, she’s awesome! We don’t deserve an actress of Blanchett’s stature, but after the thud of the previous Thor movie, we’ve most definitely earned it!

What are your impressions of Blanchett’s Hela, Goddess of Death in Thor: Ragnarok? Let us know in the comments down below!

Thor: Ragnarok hits theaters on November 3, 2017.

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SOURCE: CinemaBlend

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