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Peacock’s Apples Never Fall | Georgia Flood on Being a Villain in Series

For Georgia Flood, being a villainess in a mystery thriller series is a dream come true for this actress. Then again, starring opposite two veteran thespians, Annette Bening and Sam Neill, is a bit of

NatGeo’s Eclipse Across America | Cristina Mittermeier on Witnessing and Photographing Historic Event

A full solar eclipse, a rare celestial event that occurs only every couple of decades, is set to grace the skies of the United States. While some parts of the country will experience a full

Goran Stolevski Shares The Story Behind Housekeeping For Beginners | EXCLUSIVE

In the newest film by Goran Stolevski, Housekeeping for Beginners we learn the real meaning of friendship and how it can repeatedly be tested throughout unknown life journeys. Housekeeping For Beginners Official Trailer |

Epic Tails Red Carpet Interview with Ellie Zeiler and Other Guests

There’s something adorable about a mouse in a lead role for animated movies with Fievel in An American Tail or Remy in Ratatouille. Now, it’s Pattie, an adventurous mouse on her own Odyssey journey in

Caleb Landry Jones And Jojo T. Gibbs Discuss Creating Empathy In DogMan | EXCLUSIVE

DogMan is a film about pain and the unconditional love that is found in canines. The filmmaker, Luc Besson brings us Caleb Landry Jones as “Douglas”, the DogMan who after all the stumbles in life

Prime Video’s The Baxters | Roma Downey and Karen Kingsbury on Bringing Faith and Family to Series

The best-selling novel series Baxter Family from Karen Kingsbury is being brought to life in The Baxters for Prime Video. With millions of copies sold, book fans will be delighted with the family drama being

Problemista | Julio Torres on the Personal Experiences for This Creative Fantasy Film

As an El Salvadorian immigrant and a writer for Saturday Night Live, Julio Torres has an American dream of success in this country. His relationship with struggle and success translated into the fictional narrative film

Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire | Adam Wingard on His Love of Monsterverse

Director Adam Wingard has a strong love for the primary titans of the Monsterverse, Godzilla, and King Kong. It is a no-brainer to be at the helm for the second meeting of these creatures for

James A. Woods And Nicolas Wright Discuss The Making Of French Girl | Interview

Quebec City was the perfect location for a comedic, romcom French Girl.  Thanks to the directorial debut of James A. Woods and Nicolas Wright as co-writers and co-directors bringing a story very close to home.

Arturo Castro Comparte La Conexión Que Tiene Con Road House | Exclusiva

Entre los actores Latinos que son parte de la nueva película, Road House se encuentra Arturo Castro. Quizás el título le sea familiar y es porque es la versión moderna de la que fue un