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NatGeo’s Eclipse Across America | Cristina Mittermeier on Witnessing and Photographing Historic Event

A full solar eclipse, a rare celestial event that occurs only every couple of decades, is set to grace the skies of the United States. While some parts of the country will experience a full

Matter of Mind: My Parkinson’s | PBS Exclusive Clip

Master of Minds is back with its third installment with Matter of Mind: My Parkinson’s. With the purpose to bring awareness of the neurodegenerative disease. But also with the real life patience that are determined

Goran Stolevski Shares The Story Behind Housekeeping For Beginners | EXCLUSIVE

In the newest film by Goran Stolevski, Housekeeping for Beginners we learn the real meaning of friendship and how it can repeatedly be tested throughout unknown life journeys. Housekeeping For Beginners Official Trailer |

Fallen Fruit | Chris Molina and Ramiro Batista on Gay Romanticism and Florida – Miami Film Festival 2024

The most recent trend is that Millennials and Gen Zers are moving back home for personal and economic reasons. One young man tries to readjust his life through unemployment and love by moving back home

A Thousand Pines | Sebastian Diaz Aguirre and Noam Osband on Foreign Workers Replanting Trees in America

It’s a grueling, tough, and demanding job in America, but someone must do it. The documentary A Thousand Pines, follows a group of documented foreign planters for months as they re-plant trees in the United

SYFY’s Resident Alien S3 | Trevor Carroll on Action, Alan Tudyk, and Flying Helicopters

In the highly anticipated third season of Resident Alien, Trevor Carroll's character, John, is set to take center stage. Brace yourself for the most intense physical interaction yet between John and Harry Venderspeigle. Rest assured,

Epic Tails Red Carpet Interview with Ellie Zeiler and Other Guests

There’s something adorable about a mouse in a lead role for animated movies with Fievel in An American Tail or Remy in Ratatouille. Now, it’s Pattie, an adventurous mouse on her own Odyssey journey in

The Listener | Alessandro Camon Address Mental Illnesses From Perspective Of Helpline Volunteer

In our world today, many people have certain issues and mental illnesses that range from a cry for help to loneliness and the need to reach out to a helpline in The Listener. During the

Caleb Landry Jones And Jojo T. Gibbs Discuss Creating Empathy In DogMan | EXCLUSIVE

DogMan is a film about pain and the unconditional love that is found in canines. The filmmaker, Luc Besson brings us Caleb Landry Jones as “Douglas”, the DogMan who after all the stumbles in life

Star Trek: Discovery S5 | Doug Jones and David Ajala on the Fandom in the Final Season

Doug Jones and David Ajala understand the love and respect for Star Trek: Discovery for its final season with season five. However, the crew of the U.S.S. Discovery will face their most daunting challenge yet