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Astra Awards 2024 Red Carpet Interviews Danielle Brooks, Adam Conover, Madeleine McGraw, Violet McGraw, and More!

The Astra Awards 2024 kicked off the major awards season with its Astra Film Awards on Saturday at the Biltmore Hotel in Los Angeles. In a star-studded gala, many celebrities, filmmakers, and members of the

Race for Glory: Audi vs Lancia | Riccardo Scamarcio on True Events of the 1983 Rally World Championships

The underdog story reigns supreme when it comes down to any racing sports story. And, it’s especially remarkable when it actually happened in real life. Based on true events, Race for Glory: Audi vs Lancia

Good Grief | Himesh Patel on Character Development, Coping with Grief, and Working with Dan Levy

True friendship is about being there for the best and worst of times. In Good Grief, best friends help a man cope after the death of his husband despite having their issues to deal with.

Aarón Díaz Habla De Las Riqueza De México En Reconexión: México | Exclusiva

Después de que Aarón Díaz se inspiró por su pasión a México al crear Reconexión ahora lo vive a un nivel más grande con RECONEXIÓN: MÉXICO. Un documental de viajes que muestra las riquezas de

The Brothers Sun | Kevin Tancharoen on Directing An Asian-Driven Netflix Series

The upcoming Netflix series The Brothers Sun is definitely considered Asian enough. The series represents many elements of Asian culture, food, and family and even showcases Taiwan and the very prominent Asian neighborhoods in Los

Roadkill | Caitlin Carmichael on Revenge, Prep and Stunts in Thriller

Revenge is a dish best served cold. In this hitchhiking thriller Roadkill, Caitlin Carmichael stars. This film is full of twists and turns that’ll keep the audience guessing who the villain and the victim are.

Edgar Ramírez Discussed How Hope Was Used By Paolo Macchiarini In Dr. Death S2 | Exclusive

The Venezuelan actor, Edgar Ramírez shows us once more his ability to play a real life Italian personality for the second season of Dr. Death. The popular series now brings the story of the celebrity

Silo | Gavin Bocquet on Creation of Sets of Underground City

The set magic of Silo on Apple TV+ is remarkable, with the creation of an entire underground community with moods, colors, and coldness of a civilization living beneath the surface for generations. The production set

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom | James Wan on the Last DCEU Film and Aquaman Conclusion

After ten glorious years, the current DC Cinematic Universe will come to an end with the sequel Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom before new DC Films head honcho James Gunn revamps the comic universe. The

Hijack | Colleen Morris-Glennon on the Costume Strategy for Series

The little details do matter in a long series for Hijack on Apple TV+. With dozens of cast and extras for seven episodes, costume designer Colleen Morris-Glennon must ensure the consistency of the clothing styles