– by Gig Patta

John Bradley stayed within the fantasy worlds by being in the most-watched fantasy television show HBO’s Game of Thrones to the most popular fantasy tabletop game Dungeons & Dragons.

From Nerdist’s CelebriD&D, they invited Bradley (played Samwell Tarly in Game of Thrones) for a fantasy epic adventure involving a Dungeon Master, dice and imagination.

He is joined by other fantasy heroes with Critical Role’s Liam O’Brien and Laura Bailey as well with Nerdist hosts Jessica Chobot and Dan Casey. The wonderful talented DM is Critical Role’s Matt Mercer.

The adventure synopsis follows the adventurers leading themselves through danger and the stench of a cannibalistic orc camp. During their escape, with the orcs hot on their trail, the group must use more than their brawn to defeat the band of hungry predators. Will the heroes meet their doom when the orcs reveal their secret weapon? Or will Mankum’s bardic inspiration do its job and inspire the heroes to work together and escape?

The full episode is available at www.projectalpha.com.

LRM was provided a link to show the first 12-minute of the episode.

Check it out below and enjoy!

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