– by Joseph Jammer Medina

Anyone who watched last night’s episode of GAME OF THRONES was likely left dying to see more. It was an epic event, and a satisfying conclusion for certain plot points, as well as an escalation of others. As always, the season finale will tackle the fallout of the penultimate episode while planting the seeds for the future. But this time around, rather than just a simple post-mortem and a tease, this finale seems to have some explosive ground to cover all on its own. 

HBO has released the teaser, glimpsed after the credits of last night’s “Battle of The Bastards,” for the season finale of GAME OF THRONES, which you can check out right here. 

(Obviously, don’t watch it if you want to go in with 100% virgin eyes, or if you’re a miserable twat that thinks an official preview counts as a spoiler. Ahem.)

What’d you think? You psyched to see how Season 6 of GAME OF THRONES wraps up? 

The part that caught MY attention the most was…


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